Natural Migraine Headache Relief – Learn to Prevent, Relieve, and Control Migraines Naturally

Do you suffer from constant migraine headaches? If you do then you are not alone. Millions of people all over the world are seeking some kind of relief from the pain that is associated with a migraine headache. Even if you are unfortunate enough to get migraine headaches occasionally, you may still be seeking some sort of relief from the pain.

Getting migraines can be debilitating. They can completely affect a sufferer's life, making it so that they are unable to continue with their daily activities. If this describes you, and if you are tired of being in pain, it might be time for you to try some natural remedies to help you to heal the pain.

Most people who suffer from migraines get frustrated because they spend a lot of money on expensive medications and treatments without any success. The problem with medications and treatments is that they only hide the real problem; they will hide the symptoms without properly controlling the real causes of the migraine.

If you have tried all the conventional methods like pills and medication, and you are frustrated because they are doing absolutely nothing to help, then a natural remedy might be the answer for you. “1000's of men, and women just like you are finding there are natural ways to control, treat, and prevent the pain of migraines”

There are natural ways to help you find the real cause of the problems and attack them with a natural solution. These all natural methods will help you to prevent migraines from occurring so often, and also teach you how to control them. The best part about these methods is that they are 100% all natural, so you will not have to buy any more expensive medications and special treatments the doctors have been offering you.

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Natural Migraine Help and Remedies

Migraines and headaches can be very exasperating. There are several factors that can cause the occurrence of migraine and headaches attacks. Insufficient sleep, genetics, strong odors, bright lights, stress related factors like how to pay for the enrollment fees, monthly billing statement and work problems are some of the common factors that can trigger migraines and headaches attack. Fortunately there are so many ways to get rid of the painful symptoms of migraines. Let us discuss them one by one.


Have you ever gone to a masseuse? If you have not, you're missing so much. Massage has been around since time immemorial. According to one online resource, massage is an ancient therapeutic art. Every touch provides immediate relief. It helps get rid of pain as well. Certain disorders like migraines and insomnia respond very well to the healing power of massage. If you have a busy schedule and you can not afford to go to the massage parlors, you can ask your spouse or significant others to massage your temples and head. If unavailable, you can just do it yourself.

Use oil or lotion and start applying it on your scalp. Use the pads of your fingers. After applying the oil or lotion on your scalp, you can rub your hair slowly. Be gentle. Do not rub your scalp voriously. For immediate headache relief, you can also massage your forehead, temples and neckline during the procedure.

Water Therapy

Did you know that dehydration can also cause headaches and migraines? Yes, this is true. That is why in a hot summer day or any time of the day, it is imperative that you rehydrate. You do not have to drink expensive power drinks. A simple glass of water will do. It is ideal that you bring bottled water wherever you travel. By doing this, you can just take a sip or two wherever you are. Another benefit of bringing bottled water is that you can place the cold bottled water onto your shoulders. Its coolness will give you instant relief from stress or the hot weather condition.


We mentioned earlier that strong odors can also contribute to migraine and headache attacks. On the other hand there are essential oils that can help reduce stress and thus alleviate headache migraine symptoms. Eucalyptus, peppermint, lavender and rosemary are some of the best essential oils for headaches. You can use these oils for massage as well. There are photographed candles that you can buy in the market that contains these aromatic odors.

Certainly, there are so many natural migraine help and remedies that you can choose from. Aside from massage, water therapy and aromatherapy, you can also try unwinding and perform relaxation exercises to get rid of the distressing headache symptoms.

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Knowing What Migraine Headaches Are

A migraine headache is basically caused by enlargement of blood vessels causing the nerves to release chemicals ultimately resulting too painful headache. This cause much severe pains that the person suffering from it goes to greater heights and lengths to get some relief from it. There are numerous techniques available now a day for Migraine treatment, typically as well as through medication.

More than 1 billion people on the earth are suffering from this. Now a day, more and more people suffering from this and are looking for a natural migraine relief as medication sometimes results in more severe side effects and various other ailments like diarrhea, vomiting etc.

The below mentioned are the most helpful in triggering Migraine problems to you so do avoid these things if you are suffering from Migraine as this will help you much in getting on to this ailment:

1. This can be achieved by using anti headache cushions which helps a lot in getting over to the Migraine problem. These cushions are specifically designed to provide a suitable posture for your body and neck which helps in keeping the spinal cord un-stretched and provides your body an extra relief.

2. Avoiding hectic situations can also do the magic. Yes, it's true that if you try avoiding hectic situations then it will be easier for you to get rid of the Migraine Headache relief. Try not to get indulged in the activities which make you contemplate and bring anxiety.

3. Stimulating the 2 pressure points on each side of the spinal column and two inches away from one another can make you more relaxed in case you are suffering from a Migraine Headaches.

If you experience Migraine headaches after tasking the treatment and do not get any relief, still there's nothing to get deserved as there are various Natural Migraine Relief options available now a day. You just need to get the best options wherever natural or through medication from online sites available now a day. The natural Migraine Headache Relief techniques as well as medications having well know ingredients are designed so as to give the patients relief in a safer and faster way when the attacks come about.

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Symptoms and Causes of Ophthalmic Migraine

When we say ophthalmic, the first thing that usually comes to our mind is our eyes. Did you know that there is such thing as ocular migraine? The truth is, not all heads and migraines are the same. There are so many types of migraines and one of them is known as ophthalmic or ocular migraine.

You may read online about ocular migraines and silent migraines. They are the same as ophthalmic migraine. In general, this type of migraine occurs with or without a headache. On the other hand, it is accompanied with migraine auras and mostly they are visual in nature. Most people would report blinding flashes of light, distorted vision, double vision, enlarging blind spot also known as scotoma and temporary vision loss. As of now, health care providers are still searching for the best answers why ophthalmic migraines occur.

The following factors are said to be causing the incidence of ocular migraines. Let us discuss each one.

Biological Response

Most medical experts believe that the vascular spasm or irregular narrowing of the blood vessels that are located at the back of the eyes are causing the alteration in blood flow to the brain that is in charge for vision. Obviously, that clearly explains why visual auras are experienced by ophthalmic migraine sufferers. According to one online resource the biological response is triggered by certain factors like certain medicines, hormonal changes, and food chemicals. Other factors that are linked by most medical researchers to the incidence of ophthalmic migraines are insufficient sleep or sleep deprivation, premenstrual changes, birth control pills, strong odors of perfumes and other chemicals.


Alcoholic beverages, MSG or monosodium glutamate use, aspartame (widely used artificial sweetener), caffeinated beverages, food chemicals and tyramine rich foods such as red wine, aged cheese and chicken livers are said to be contributing to ophthalmic migraine attacks.

Tension and Stress

Stress is another culprit for this type of migraine attacks. As a response to stress and tension, the normal activities of the hormones in the body changes. When the hormonal activities in the body are altered by stress, the fluid balance is affected and in return modifies the mood of a person. Moods and depression are somewhat related to the development of ophthalmic migraines. That is why, it is important to unwind every once in a while.

Certainly, there are so many factors that are said to be causing ophthalmic migraine attacks. Knowing these factors can help you avoid and best prevent the onset of the symptoms of this type of migraines. Although for some individuals, it's difficult to detect the cause of the migraines. It is useful to keep a migraine small notebook or a diary to record the what happened before and after the migraines to keep track of the possible cause and the best treatments to the ophthalmic migraines.

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Actual Reasons of Headache

After a head injury, not everyone would be interested to know the type of headache they have and simply think of a medicine that will award relief for the moment. Knowing the reason and cause of headache is inevitable when you have frequent pains.

It is a wise decision to see a doctor in case if you have frequent headaches. Although headaches are rarely the signals of certain serious illness, consulting a doctor would keep the tension away by sorting out the right cause to get the desired treatment.

To take the right medication, you must know the reason behind the headache. There are reasons that support the vitality of finding the kind of headache that you have.

To get relief from the pain, the correct medicine is a necessity. In case you fail to take the right treatment, you may a victim of needless side effects. Some headings may be a reminder of some serious diseases and hence ignoring the reason for headache may prove to be dangerous.

Tension is always a normal cause for headache, but some of the headaches can be the signal of pressure and sinus pain. The sinus headache would continue for longer time if you take treatment to relieve tension headaches.

Knowing the actual reason of headache would provide easier and sooner relief from the pain.

Right medication depends on the type of headache and taking sinus treatment for migraine headache would be a real time waste. Migraines responds only to the specific medication designed for its treatment and since knowing the root cause will help in deciding the treatment to be chosen.

Frequent headaches often demands attention. Knowing the cause of pain will be helpful in determining the treatment and the service of an expert medical practitioner is the real necessity of the situation.

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How Scalene Muscle Trigger Points Can Cause Pain Right Down to Your Fingers

Trigger Points are a Pain in the Neck

If you experienced a severe pain in your hand, would it occur to you that the problem was actually in your neck? We all know the phrase 'a pain in the neck' but if you have myofascial trigger points in your neck muscles, that's probably the last place you're actually going to feel anything.

Because trigger points in the neck muscles refer pain to so many other parts of the body, they are very hard to diagnose, and many people continue to suffer agonizing pain or other symptoms because they can not find the source of the problem.

The most common muscle group to experience neck triggers is the scalene group, three muscles known as the anterior scalene, middle scalene and posterior scalene. These muscles join the neck bones to the top of the ribcage and trigger points in any of them can cause pain in a variety of locations.

Impact of Triggers in the Neck

The pattern of pain caused by spasms in the scalene muscle group varies greatly from person to person, and can also change from one day to the next for the same person.

Usually pain from scalene triggers will spread down to chest, along the arms and into the hands, into the upper back, and up to the side of the head. Shooting pains in the arms and hands are common, but in the upper body stabbing pains are more likely. Scalene muscle tension can also cause a huge variety of other diverse symptoms such as:

  • Headaches
  • Sinus problems
  • Thoracic Outlet Syndrome
  • Tennis Elbow
  • Voice changes
  • Hearing issues
  • Difficulty swallowing
  • Tooth pain

Treating Neck Triggers

Stretching the scalene muscles can be very beneficial, especially for combating headaches, but before stretches are attempted it is a good idea to try massage out existing trigger points so stretching does not make them worse.

The scalene muscles can be found within a triangular area between the collar bone, the trapezius shoulder muscle and the v-shaped throat muscles. This area should be massaged very gently with the pads of the fingers rather than the tips. Use small circles to find the bands of muscle and ease off if you feel the pulse of the carotid artery or jugular vein.

Massaging this area can feel strange and a little uncomfortable to begin with, and pressing on a trigger point may initially feel hot and sharp. However, with gentle pressure you should always feel a warn ache spread through your arm, shoulder and head, showing that the massage is having an effect.

Once you've deactivated the triggers within the scalene muscles through massage, a daily stretch can be very effective at relieving symptoms. The best stretch for the scalene muscles is very simple:

  1. In a standing position clasp your hands behind your back.
  2. Lower your left shoulder and tilt your head to the right.
  3. Roll your head back until until you feel a stretch in the scalene muscles.
  4. Hold for ten to fifteen seconds and repeat on the other side.

Preventing Neck Trigger Points

One of the main causes of myofascial points in the scalene muscle group is poor posture, especially sitting incorrectly at a desk all day. Continually tilting the head upwards or downwards, twisting to the side, or slashing the shoulders forward can all place excessive stress on the scalene muscles which contribute to trigger points.

These tips on correct posture at your desk should help to reduce pain caused by neck tension:

  • Make sure your computer screen is at the right height so you do not need to look up or down. If you are using a laptop make sure you have a docking station or a separate monitor.
  • Make sure your computer screen is directly in front of you so you do not have to twist your neck to see it and you can keep your head in a neutral position.
  • Use a lower back support which will automatically pull your shoulders back and prevent you slipping forward over your desk.
  • Alter the height of your seat so your feet are flat on the floor, or use a foot stool. If your feet are too far from the floor you will lean forward to compensate, throwing your upper body out of line and increasing pressure on your neck.

Pain and other problems caused by triggers in the scalene muscles can be very hard to diagnose because the one place that does not seem to be affected is the neck. However, gentle massage of the scalene area and regular stretching, combined with great postwork can work together to limit the impact of trigger points in the neck.

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Why Sublingual Delivery For Migraine Medication Is Preferable

A migraine can be a debilitating experience. The medications available for migraine treatment can be lifesavers, at least to the sufferer, but sometimes they do not act quickly enough. When this happens, the person having the migraine can feel like they're going to die. The pain and nausea can be so bad that swallowing medication can trigger vomiting, making the treatment ineffective.

One alternative to oral medication is sublingual migraine treatment. This method of delivery has shone itself to be faster at providing relief, something migraine sufferers really need. Sublingual migraine medication can be the right solution for migraine sufferers whose condition is not treated effectively by oral delivery methods.

For those wondering what migraine sublingual medication is, it is a powder form which is placed under the tongue, where it is dissolved into the mucosal tissues. It provides a fast acting relief, usually much faster than ordinary oral medications that would otherwise be used. Ultimately, sublingual migraine treatment can be what the patient needs.

Oral migraine medications run a gamut of types and strengths. NSAIDS are anti-inflammatory drugs such as aspirin and ibuprofen, and are used with mild migraines. While they can be helpful if taken right at migraine onset, they can also cause such problems as kidney problems, gastric bleeding, strokes and even heart attacks if used over long periods of time. Antiemetics and antihistamines are effective types of oral migraine treatments but can have unpleasant side effects. Butalbital combinations are not as popular as they once were. With the introduction of sublingual medications, the mixture of the sedative butalbital with various pain relievers has taken a seat to more effective and less addictive medications.

Holistic and other alternative medications offer some options for migraine treatment in addition to oral medicines. While it has been found to be beneficial in many instances, acupuncture has so far not been found to make a significant difference when used for migraines. Other treatments such as biofeedback, which uses various relaxation therapies in an attempt to control stress, can help with some types of headaches but not migraines. Chiropractic attempts have only had marginal success in providing adequate relief.

Two sublingual medications that have been used with success are ergotamine and triptans. Available in oral, injection and nasal spray forms as well as sublingual powders, the different types of ergotamine have been effective and popular options for migraine treatment. However, with the advent of triptans, ergotamine prescriptions have declined. Those with frequent migraines, though, still may benefit from ergotamine treatment. Since triptans were introduced, they have been considered the primary defense against migraines if NSAIDS are not effective. Many of these medications come in sublingual form and are effective as abortive measures by plugging into serotonin receptors in the brain.

While there are many types of treatment available for migraines, sublingual migraine medication has been proved by far to have the fastest and most effective results. When fast relief is needed, sublingual delivery is most reliable, making it the preferred method for treatment.

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Home Remedy for Migraine

What makes migraine different from headache? Migraines are usually more frequent and more sever than headache. It lasts for longer hours, around four to seventy-two hours. Yes, migraine can really ruin a fantastic day for you and what is worse is that it would not even give you a warning before it attacks.

Indeed you can avoid the things that trigger migraine such as lack of proper sleep, anxiety, hunger, eye strain or stress. Then again, if you are the kind of person who is regularly suffering from migraine, you can only do so much to prevent this from triggering, right?

There are a lot of medications that you can avail which will help you deal with migraines. Also, doctors can really give you effective medicines for the pain. Apart from that, there are also alternative cure to migraine like acupuncture. But do you know that there are also certain food which can help you alleviate the pain of migraines? What's good about it is that you would not have to exceed more drugs just so you can deal with a really bad headache. Here are some food you can prepare so you would not have to suffer as much.

Fresh grape juice is top among the remedies for migraine. Grind fresh grapes to extract the juice and you have to drink it without adding water. Another juice which you can prepare is a mixture of carrot juice combined with spinach or beet. You may even incorporate cucumber if you think that would improve the taste. You may want to increase your intake of food rich in niacin like yeast and whole wheat bread because this is also great in easing the pain of migraine. Garlic can also help in preventing the frequency of migraine attacks so you should incorporate this in the food you eat. Apart from that, taking chamomile tea on a regular basis can also decrease the pain.

Those are some food you can take so you can deal with your migraine in a more organic way. Incorporate those in your daily meal and it will also help out in preventing attacks of migraine. Science has done great things to ease us up from all the pain and illness but it would not hurt to rely on fruits and vegetables to make us better.

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Cure or Medication for Headaches and Migraines

Headaches and migraines are a common ailment for most people these days. If you are suffering from those, you should not have any difficulties in finding the right cure. Medication for headaches and migraines are easily available and solutions to those two can be seen everywhere. Yet, if you are suffering from headaches and migraines, you should not just go for any medication available. It is still best to consult a doctor or health expert just to make sure that you do not make things worse by taking self prescribed medication. When you are the type of person who does not want to take too many meds, simple rest can be a good way of dealing with headache and migraine.

If you regularly experience headache or migraine, the best thing to do is to keep yourself informed as to how you can deal with this. The most basic cure for simple headaches is to take medicines. Among the popular medicines are naproxen, ibuprofen, paracetamol or analgesic for relief. Those types of medicines could help you reduce the pain. If you are suffering from migraine, Serotonin Agonists can also be taken. There are medicines that can be bought over the counter without prescription but it is always better to always take the safer route and ensure that whatever meds you take will not cause side effects or will not arise some other health issue.

Aside from medicines, there is also an alternative cure and medication for headaches and migraines. Biofeedback is one way. It is a technology that is done by doctors to patients wherein a metal sensor will be placed on the patient's skin. This will measure the skin temperature and the muscle tension. The effect of Biofeedback is similar to the effect of a lot of other drugs that are available in the market. Also, for those who do not have severe case yet, it could be used as an early treatment for migraine and headaches.

Some people also result to Acupuncture. Acupuncture is a method of curing illnesses which involves putting a very thin needle on the certain points of the body. This is known to help people feel more relaxed and at the same time, the body's mental, physical and emotional health is also being restored.

Even though there are cures that are widely available for us these days, there is no better way to deal with headache and migraine other than proper prevention. Stress management is vital in preventing bad headaches and migraine. If you know how to manage stress then you are saving yourself from a major headache or migraine.

Remember, consult your physician before trying out different ways of curing the illness or before taking any medication.

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Headaches – Check For Your Symptoms, Find A Solution

We all get overworked, and we we quick tension headache treatment – a pill which ceases our pain. It is still alright to take one in case heads and you have a distant relation; but in case you and your heads are regular friends, then its high time you analyzed your friend. Having headaches frequently, even as less frequent as 2-3 in a month is a matter not worth ignoring.

To start with here are a few observations one needs to make and the parallel questions one needs to ask, remember to observe the pattern before and after the headaches – firstly, do you get headaches due to allergy reactions, alcohol, smoke, passive smoking, missed meals, exercise, loud noises, physical or emotional stress, bright lights, certain odors, changes in your sleeping habits, change in hormonal levels (more in women and advancement in their age)? Second, observ if if you see an aura, feel a vertigo or dizziness around you. Also, note how long does your headache last. Is your headache accompanied by shivers, sweat; stiffness of the neck or similar symptoms? Do you suffer from mood swings before and after your headaches – that is extreme euphoria or extreme depression? Is the head pulsating? Does it affect half of your brain, full of it, forehead, near the eyebrows etc?

In case you reach the conclusion that you have a maximum of these symptoms, then you are most likely to have migraine headaches – the kinds of headaches which have no particular causes, but they are inevitable and could occur many times in a week, month or a few times in a year. It lasts for several hours till some days. The experience is painful and pulsating leaving a person weak and leading o mood changes.

The most important thing to do then is observe one's diet carefully, list out the factors which you think increase or trigger the intensity of your headaches. Many people get typical symptoms before the start of the headache. Migraine headache relief is not easy to achieve, but there are certainly some preventive drugs and techniques which one must take under the guidance of a specialist. One could also change their diet plans accordingly, exercise more (particular exercises) and change a certain lifestyle for better results.

Other reasons for headaches can also simply be weak eyes, high stress levels, no sleep or food etc. in either case, prevention is better than cure.

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All You Wanted To Know About Tension Headaches

The most common type of headache is tension headache. This usually affects adolescents and adults, however, it may sometimes also affect young children, but the chances are less. During this sort of pain muscles may tighten in some parts of the head, neck and scalp. It has been recently found out through numerous studies that muscle tightness is not a common symptom as was believed long time back. Similar to the rest of the world, a number of US citizens, residing in cities like Fort Lauderdale (FL) and Hollywood (FL) also complains of this sort of headache.


It was generally believed all over the world, including US cities like Plantation (FL) and Fort Lauderdale (FL), that tension headaches were caused mainly due to tension that gets built up in the neck and scalp areas as a result of depression, stress Egypt. However, the exact cause of the issue is still unknown. Experts believe that changes in definite brain chemicals, such as endorphins and serotonin may be the cause for tension headaches. These chemicals actually help in nerve communication.

There are different factors that contribute to tension headaches. Some of them are:

* Depression

* Stress

* Bad posture

* Anxiety


Whenever you face such heads make a note of the time and date of the pain. Also note down things which you ate and drank within the last 24 hours and how long you slept. If possible write down wherever you were in any sort of mental tension immediately before the occurrence. All this will help you understand the actual causes behind your headache. Most people find that having a cold or a hot shower (depending on individual preference) helps a lot. On the other hand sometimes even a change in lifestyle may be a major cause for tension headaches. Doctors normally recommend having a good diet which would include plenty of vegetables, fruits, fiber and minerals. This helps to reduce the frequency and intensity of such pains.

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Can Quantum Migrelief Help Relieve Migraines Naturally?

Even though nobody understands why people have migraine headaches, researchers can now identify most of the actions which occur within the brain from the outside and during the episodes. If you want to understand how Quantum Migrelief helps to treat migraines, it is very important to know how the ingredients function.

Basically, only Migrelief is made up of PuracolTM, which is a specially sourced feverfew herb with all its natural elements unchanged as well as a high-parthenolide substance. The combined ingredients in Migrelief will supply superior benefits when compared with any of the individual ingredients.

The benefits associated with magnesium are documented very well. The very same elements which make the body lacks magnesium will also bring about migraine headaches. Studies utilizing the correct variation of magnesium like the amount found in Migrelief, have disclosed that it may slow the body reactions which occurs at the start. Many people with weak cerebrovascular have been found to have lower brain depths of magnesium.

Numerous studies showed the positive results of feverfew, which is also present in Migrelief. This particular herb consistants of elements, particularly parthenolide, which are thought to slow the discharge of serotonin out of platelets, which assist blood clotting as well as specific white blood cells. Consequently this keeps the blood vessels appropriately toned and cuts down on the rate of recurrence, severity and length.

There is the Riboflavin ingredient which is associated with energy generation within all the cells and research suggest that it can provide significant benefit if used during a three month time period. A lack of mitochondrial energy supplies may be seen in a few persons showing weak cerebrovascular tone. Riboflavin can be used to correct this defect and improvements the activity within the electron-transport cycle.

The side effects from any of the MigreLief ingredients are unusual. Slight stomach upset and free stools may take place when some individuals use magnesium. Therefore, this product is not recommended for women who are pregnant or breastfeeding feeding as well as children younger than 2 years.

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What Is Migrelief And What Are Its Benefits?

At present, there is an ever-increasing support within the medical field for a natural health supplement called Migrelief. This is a triple therapy, which is now being used incrementally by more doctors who are treating migraine patients.

What is Migrelief?

This is really a combination of substances which are not necessarily new. There is feverfew, which has been put to use for decades as a preventive treatment for headache. Migrelief utilizes feverfew which is identical to 0.7% Parthenolide; most feverfew supplements consist of unknown quantities of the herb, so it will give different results. In contrast to several feverfew supplements, this also includes additional naturally sourced phytochemicals, which is essential since at present there is no understanding about how this herb will help migraine.

The second ingredient is Riboflavin, also called Vitamin B-2.This vitamin is essential for the growth of co-enzymes which helps the brain to function properly. It is still being looked into as a migraine treatment, but being an element of this triple therapy it appears to be more effective. As of such, this vitamin will help to create energy and release it whenever the body wants it. Some studies were done which showed that Riboflavin will decrease migraine headaches in patients.

Magnesium is the final ingredient. Increasingly more studies shows that magnesium is essential for migraine sufferers. Many people who contend with migraine have lower magnesium levels. This supplement will do numerous essential things within the body, so when it is lacking this could stop people from sleeping; make them become weak; develop short of breath and stomach sickness. Several migraine sufferers use magnesium to reduce painful sensation. Magnesium can also be utilized in significant quantities at treatment centers to prevent migraine headaches after it starts. It is also prescribed by doctors for people with cluster migraine headache.

All of these are easily obtainable ingredients which most people have tried at some point in time. However, the real strength can be observed when they are used with each other.

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Alternative Migraine Treatment Options That Work

Migraines are severe vascular headaches, commonly accompanied by nausea, blurred vision, sensitivity to light, and poor circulation. Migraines can be debilitating, which is made worse that by fact that they are also reoccurring. Those that suffer from exceptionally large migraines may also suffer from vomiting and diabetes, which can make it nearly impossible to carry on with regular activities.

Migraines affect almost 28 million men and women across the United States. Many of these sufferers are frequently plagued with regular migraines, which can make it difficult for patients to perform their best at school, work, and during other important activities. This leaves many sufferers searching for ways to rid themselves of migraines and finally find freedom from the pain.

There are many individuals that prefer not to take unnecessary medications and put potentially dangerous dangerous chemicals into their bodies. Additionally, because migraines slow the absorption of oral medications, many sufferers simply can not find an effective treatment of migraine symptoms. Fortunately, there are a number of natural migraine treatments that sufferers can try when searching for relief.

One new migraine treatment is 5-HTP, or 5-Hydroxytryptophan. 5-HTP can be taken as an oral supplement and works to improve the levels of serotonin and melatonin in the brain. This supplement helps to reduce the frequency of migraines and migraine related pain. In fact, according to clinical testing, 5-HTP helps to prevent migraines as effectively as some prescription migraine medications. This supplement is a great alternative for those that want to avoid taking prescription medications.

Feverfew is a natural migraine treatment that has been used for centuries of years. Feverfew will decrease both the severity and frequency of migraines, as well as help with a number of other conditions. This supplement helps to reduce fever, treat arthritis, and will reduce the pain caused by headaches and migraines. However, sufferers that currently take medications that cause the blood to thin, including aspirin, will need to consult a doctor before consuming Feverfew, as this supplement may react negatively with such medications.

Other supplements, including butterbur, magnesium, vitamin b12, and fish oil, are also believed to help with migraines. These supplements should be taken with a healthy diet and given a few weeks before considering their effects. Most supplements will not begin to work overnight. Instead, their effects are noticed over time with regular use.

For those that want to take a more active approach to migraine relief, there are many different alternatives treatments used to prevent frequent migraines. Migraine sufferers may want to consider visiting a chiropractor, acupuncturist, or massage therapist. These professionals provide natural treatment options that will help patients improve their health and combat their migraines.

While migraines are painful and difficult to deal with, they are treatable. Those that prefer to use natural treatments have a range of supplements and other treatment methods to choose from. In order to find the best natural migraine treatment, experiment with different supplements and treatment options in order to find one that works for your condition.

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Types Of Migraines

A migraine is a chronic headache with mild to severe symptoms that include throbbing, light sensitivity, and nausea. In some cases, the nausea may be followed by mild to severe vomiting. The duration can be anywhere from a few minutes to 48 hours. Headaches materialize in both males and females between the ages of 10 and 46. However, they are more common in females and run in families. Stressors that create irregular brain activity and constrict vascular blood vessels frequently trigger headaches. The stressors include alcohol, pungent odors, bright lights, smoking, hormones, environmental upsets, stress, and diet. The assault begins in the brain and upsets the flow of blood in the brain and adjoining tissue. A header is not an indication of a brain tumor.

Migraine types are commonly categorized according to the regularity of the type and the origin of the types of headaches. The seven types of heads are:

1) Abdominal migraine or periodic syndrome predominantly diagnosed in children. In addition, there is a family medical history of such symptoms.

2) Acephalgic or eye migraine often has no head pain and is associated with visual disorientation, vertigo, and queasiness.

3) Migraine without Aura (warning) is a common headache with no warning symptom prior to the illness.

4) Migraine with Aura appears in three different forms: a) with a warning symptom, for instance vision problems, prior to the onset or b) familial hemiplegic migraine or c) sporadic hemiplegic migraine.

5) Familial hemiplegic and sporadic hemiplegic are migraines with aura and motor limitations. A migraine is classified as familial if a close family member suffers from this type of migraine as well.

6) A basilar artery migraine is an uncommon variety of headache with aura. A basilar artery migraine usually appears in young adults. This type of illness is often mistaken for inoxication because during the migraine, the person has garbled speech, disorientation, and body tingling.

7) A retinal migraine occurs in one eye and is an indication of the possible presence of a serious medical condition. If this occurs, see your doctor.

Some migraine sufferers experience four parts to their migraine attack. The parts are called: 1) the prodrome occurring before the migraine headache; 2) the aura leads the headache; 3) the migraine or headache; and 4) the postdrome or aftermath sensations. The sensations may vary from a feeling of relief, almost euphoria, to complete exhaustion or depletion.

Unfortunately, there is no cure for migraine headaches. However, through lifestyle changes, preventive therapy and doctor prescribed medicines, the frequency, and duration of migraine attacks will decrease allowing for a less restricted lifestyle. A doctor who specializes in the treatment of migraine headache types s is your best bet in the diagnoses and successful treatment of this chronic condition.

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