Several people report sinus headache signs and symptoms to their doctors and are diagnosed with sinus head aches. Other persons diagnose the difficulties on their own based on what they know to be sinus headache signs and symptoms. In both instances, the truth of having the symptoms leads to treatment of sinus; nonetheless, most of these individuals probably do not really have sinus head aches. Their signs and symptoms may be pointing to migraine head aches instead.

Sinus headaches have many on the same signs or symptoms of other types of headaches, mainly pain in the head, and facial pain around the eyes, nose and also the forehead. What makes the distinction among signs or symptoms of a sinus headache and signs of a migraine headache is always that migraines are not usually accompanied by nasal discharge and fever. The difference between the two forms of head aches is that sinus signals you've a sinus infection, whereas migraine means there's something going on outside on the sinuses causing the migraine, even though the sinuses may be affected by the migraine itself. Thus, the variation among the two is whether or not your sinus signs and symptoms are from head or from an infection.

The main reason to differentiate regardless of whether you are suffering from sinus head aches or from migraine head aches is always that treating the two diverse kinds of headaches involves two quite different treatment plans. So that you can cure the symptoms of a sinus, the infection must be taken care of, whereas curing a migraine headache involves regulating hormone levels or relieving tension. Sinus treatments treat the infection despite relieving some with the pain; migraine medications target hormones and other balances in your body. Migraine medications may well also target the discomfort; it depends on whether you're taking a preventive migraine medication or a medication that deals with migraines that are already present.

Suffering from sinus headache signs does not usually mean that you've sinus. Actually, recent studies show that only a really little percentage of individuals who think they have sinus and have been diagnosed as such by their doctors actually suffer from sinus head aches. Most of them actually suffer from migraine head aches, yet still treat them with sinus headache medication, which does not work so well in most cases. The first step to treating sinus headache symptoms is to get a correct diagnosis so that you know exactly what you should be treating.