Headache is probably the most common condition people experience. It is approximated that 50 million people look for medical consideration for headache every single year in the United States alone also over $ 500,000,000 is paid annually on headache drugs. You can find herbal remedies for headaches that assists you without having chemical based medicines.

Top 5 Herbals Remedies For Headache


Ginger is the best herbal remedy to get the relief from headache. It helps in reducing the inflammation of the blood vessels in the head. You can take the ginger with a cup of tea. When you make the tea add some amount of ginger to it. This gives you good results. Also you can add the ginger to the food.


Cinnamon is the other good herbal for doing the treatment of headache and specifically the headache which occurs by cold. To use this herbal, primarily take some sticks of cinnamon and grind them and do not forget to add small amount of water, so you can make the paste of it. Then apply that paste on the head, after some time you get the relief from pain. Along with this you can also take the powder of cinnamon by mixing the honey in it. Intake this mixture with boiled water.


Mullein is a kind of plant and also an herb. Its root and flowers are used as an herb to cure the head pain. You can take this herbal in the form of powder. To make the powder firstly take the roots and flowers, and then after cleaning of then put them in the sunlight till they do not become dry. Then grind them and take a teaspoon of twice a day with water to remove the effects of headache.

Peppermint Oil

Due to the calming and smoothing properties, peppermint oil has proved itself as one of the best remedy to get rid of head pain. During the headache apply the oil on the head and massage it. Oil helps to open and close the blood vessels which promote the blood flow. Along with this, you can also apply the paste of crushed peppermint leaves to cure the pain.


If you are suffering from the headache, then the use of the rosemary is the best option. The rosmarinic acid present in rosemary acid has the anti-inflammatory properties which can provide relief in much headache. Along with this you can also take the tea which contains the mixture of 1 teaspoon of both rosemary and sage. Drink this tea 2 or 3 times a day. Also you can make the tea by only taking one of them if any one between rosemary and sage is not present. Within some hours you feel the relaxation.