We live with mold all around us everyday, but we are not even aware of its presence most of the time. We become aware when we begin experiencing health problems. Black mold and migraine headaches in the same household should catch our attention. Black mold is toxic and can cause varying degrees of illness. One can experience nose and throat irritations or more serious symptoms, like breathing difficulties or even death.

People do not always know they have black mold in their homes. Sometimes there is no obvious green-black mold. But they may have a musty smell. These mold smells in the house are a clue that there is hidden mold. The mold may not be easy to find because it is in a ceiling or behind a wall, but effort must be made to discover where it is.

The mold will only spread and grow worse, if the problem is not deal with as soon as possible. You may need to cut holes in walls or tear carpet up, but you must find the mold. Hire someone who is certified in dealing with mold, if you are unable to find it yourself. But do not ignore the problem.

Outdoors, mold causes dead trees and fallen leaves to rot away. This is considered good for the environment. But it is a problem when mold causes rotting in our homes. It can destroy our property and its value in a very short time.

Moisture is required for mold to grow. A common source of mold in the home is the area near a plumbing leak that may not have been properly repaired. We will never be able to remove the mold until we have removed the moisture. The area must be treated thoroughly. We must control the humidity in our homes, as black mold can not grow in areas where the humidity is less than 60%

Once the moisture is removed, you must completely clean and get rid of the mold. You can wash hard surfaces to remove the mold. Use a good detergent and water to scrub it away. This method works good to clean mold from basement walls. Some materials, such as carpet or ceiling tiles, are impossible to clean. The only way to get rid of the mold is to remove these items from the home. Most people are capable of removing the small amount of mold in their own homes.

Cleaning a large area, such as a whole basement, may require hiring someone who is trained and certified in this field. Mold remediation cost is not usually covered by a homeowner's policy, but may be necessary to save your home. This service can cost anywhere from three thousand dollars to several tens of thousands dollars. In extreme cases, the house must be torn down.

Keep in mind that black mold and migraine headaches or any other unusual illnesses may be a serious problem. Sometimes when we are dealing with sick family members, we do not see the whole picture. It is important to connect the dots when dealing with black mold.