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Migraine Headaches May Cause Side Effects and Dietary Triggers

One of the factors that aid determine the kind of headache is how extended the pain lasts; migraines often last four hours or additional, and have been acknowledged to last days at a time. A migraine is also known to have triggers, or set circumstances that lead to them, for instance stress, fatigue, hormonal changes, adjustments within the weather, food allergies or sensitivities, and even other health care ailments. The severity in the soreness is often moderate but could be serious; a lot more serious agony is often associated using the harsher secondary effects of migraine headaches.

The negative effects of migraine head aches vary between persons; some only get the ache, and other people have new and unusual unwanted side effects. Some of probably the most common side effects are nausea, light sensitivity, noise sensitivity, body aches, and fatigue. Many sufferers combat these symptoms with over the counter medication while other people have herbal remedies. All treatments bought to be discussed with a doctor prior to implementing.

Nausea is believed being caused by sensitivity to smell and physical stomach discomfort, when suffering a migraine; As these kinds of, a person could come across comfort in a place free of food or other smells. Occidentally in several cases the temptation is usually accompanied by vomiting. Without an additional acknowledged medical condition for instance a virus is the known bring about from the vomiting, a doctor should be consulted.

Environmental sensitivities including light or sound are probably probably the most frequent aspect effect migraine sufferers experience. The top remedy for most folks is really a long rest in a dark room. Light and sound are often additional aggravating to a person suffering one of these headaches, because the head is already throbbing with ache. Light or sound can seem to further agitate the situation.

Dietary triggers of migraines may be frequent items for instance chocolate or red wine, to additional complex allergies or sensitivities. Bananas have even been known to lead to migraine headaches. If an individual notices a specific sensitivity to any particular foods, they should avoid the foods for a while then reincorporate the offending food in little amounts until there is no longer sensitivity. In some cases, the sensitivity will not arrive. It would be very best to consult a medical doctor to be certain of what is appropriate for every individual.

Other dietary aspects can consist of caffeine consumption and how often one eats; even skipping meals can give someone a migraine headache. The drop in blood sugar from missing a correct meal causes all sorts of troubles with inside body, and it is not surprising that this can also trigger a migraine headache. Having too much caffeine or withdrawal from caffeine can also trigger a migraine headache. Knowing that someone has this type of trigger can aid them stay clear of it.

Several existing health care ailments can contribute to migraine headaches, some examples of these are asthma, chronic fatigue syndrome, and sleeping disorders. These head aches are also thought to be hereditary, and surprisingly, a startingling four of five migraine sufferers have a family history on the problem. For example, if one parent has a historical past of migraine head aches, the children every have a 50% chance of having migraines themselves; if both parents have a history the children's chances jump to 75%.

Knowing the signs, symptoms, individual triggers, and how these aspects react with existing healthcare ailments can help someone cope with migraine head aches. Medications are available to aid people deal using the soreness of migraine head aches. Doctors evaluate patients on an person basis to decide needs as well as the very best medicines.

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Is There Such a Thing Called Stomach Migraine?

Stomach migraine also known as abdominal migraines is the most common form of migraine that affects children and adolescents than normal adults. This is characterized by recurrent abdominal pains other than headaches but the chemical process involved in the body is reliably the same. Inflammation of blood arteries surrounding the brain sends pain signals to the stomach. Some of stomach migraines episodes may last for a few minutes to an excruciating three hours or even more.

Typical with headache migraines, some stomach migraines may have temporary aura or visual disturbances at the onset of migraine attacks. A child who may experience these vision problems poses certain risks and risks both to the child himself and to the others around him since visual fluctuations can be quite alarming. Small, enlarging blind spots, zigzag lines and even temporary blindness are examples of visual disturbances. Some sufferer may not experience heads at all. Some children even younger than five years of age may already exhibit these symptoms.

Stomach migraines should not be confused with other digestive-related illness. Persistent stomach pains, associated with visual impediments are the migraine indicators. Other associated symptoms are bright lights and excessive noise sensitivity, anorexia or lack of appetite, nausea and vomiting.
Stomach migraines may happen with or without trigger marks. The usual culprit for migraines are physiological stress and by skipping meals. Stress may come from different sources such as school work, peer pressure, or even from parent's expectations from the child. Some foods containing MSG such as junk foods may also increase the probability of having this condition.

Healthy lifestyles such as eating at the right time, avoidance from drinking caffeine and colas, regular exercise and plenty of enough sleep may reduce the incidence of stomach migraines.

Since children are more vulnerable to this type of migraine, extreme caution is necessary when seeking medicines. Some pills may have negative side-effects that may hamper the child's learning development or the child may develop drug dependencies later on.

Therapies and holistic approaches such as massages, trigger-prevention and applying compress may be considered as alternative methods to treat stomach migraine. Some may just need to stay in a dim room to negate the effects of migraine triggers. Parents should have made aware of the classic symptoms in order to address them as early as possible. It is equally recommended to seek doctor's help when the severity and frequency of migraines increases. If this condition is not treated during childhood, it may be carried on into adulthood or may shift into another type of migraine

Any person, child or adult, who routinely go through stomach migraine sickness needs the support and understanding of the parents and their peers. Some migraines can make the person go weak on their knees, while some may debilitate the person for an ent day. Even adults can not escape the pains associated with migraines. As such, knowing that the migraine sufferer has the continuous empathy and concern of the important people in their life may help them live as normal as it can possibly be.

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Migraine Headaches – Effective Natural Migraine Headaches Treatment

No matter what types of medication you take for migraine headaches that they can produce unwanted side effects and symptoms. And unfortunately, they can also increase the intensity of the very pain they were intended to relate. However, natural migraine treatment can often give faster and longer-lasting results while eliminating the side effects. People are beginning to realize that drugs are not always the answer and are increasingly looking for effective home remedies for migraine headaches to replace potentially dangerous painkillers.

There are many migraine headache triggers that will cause migraines and the first step towards eliminating this painful disorder is to determine what these triggers are and then eliminate them. For some people, eliminating triggers can stop their migraines for good. Unfortunately, if you can not find any obvious triggers you will have to try other types of migraine headaches treatment to alleviate your pain. However, there are many home remedies for migraine headaches that have proven successful, and there is it typically a simple matter of testing out various natural treatment approaches until you can find one that works for you.

Since migraine sufferers are often extremely sensitive to bright light and loud noises, one good way to reduce symptoms is by lying down in a dark quiet room. Relaxing in this fashion will also slow down your heart rate, which means there will be less blood pumping to your head. This alone can lessen the pain considerably.

Throbbing head pain is caused when the blood vessels surrounding the brain dilate. Placing a cold compress on the back of the neck can help minimize the flow of blood to the brain, thus relieving the throbbing pain. As an added option you can also place your feet in warm water. This can help divert the blood away from the head and toward your feet, which can increase the effect of the cold compress that has been placed on your neck.

Migraines can also be relieved by using cold compresses on other parts of the body, in particular the temples and forehead. In addition to cold, you can also use heat to reduce symptoms. Taking a hot bath will increase the blood flow to your body instead of your head and will also be very relaxing.

There are other effective home remedies that can help reduce pain. Massaging tight muscles can aid in relaxation and the best spots for massage are the muscles of the neck, shoulders, face, and head. Be sure to use the pads of your fingers or thumbs and rub your muscles gently, but firmly.

Stress is a common migraine headache trigger, and there is relieving stress in any way possible is always a good idea when migraine headaches appear. Do your best to avoid stressful situations whenever possible. Reducing worry and anxiety can go a long way to reducing migraine symptoms.

Another migraine treatment that has shown good results is taking niacin, also known as vitamin B3. If taken in sufficient amounts it can cause a person's body to flush, or turn red. In addition, it can cause an overall warm feeling and itchiness. Niacinamide is one form of niacin that will cause less of a flush. The idea is to take niacin regularly, enough to prevent migraine headaches, but not enough to cause a flush. It can take a short time to figure the correct dosage for an individual, but it's usually worth the effort.

Migraine headaches can cause severe pain and will often disrupt the life of a migraine sufferer. If you're looking for a way to get relief through non-drug methods there are many migraine headaches treatment approaches that are available. Some of these methods may work for you while others will not. For this reason it is important to try different treatment options until one is found that will give you the migraine relief you need.

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A Novel Headache Treatment – Acupressure

If you suffer from headaches, chronic or now and then, you know how it affects you. Acupressure and it's more user friendly version, the acupressure mat, is a completely natural, drug free headache treatment.

Sufferers from headaches, including migraines, take more sick leave and see their doctor more often – they basically have an impaired quality of life.

Several studies have shown that acupuncture helps to lessen the severity and frequency of headaches. Even more interesting is the fact that the effects of a course of treatment involving up to 12 visits to an acupuncturist, seem to still be there a year after the treatment.

In other words, the results are long lasting!

It is accepted that acupuncture is a safe and effective treatment and often an alternative to drugs (aspirin, acetaminophen, ibuprofen, naproxen), which often can have side effects that can be very serious.

The side effects include lethargy, stomach ulcers, constipation, nausea, and shallow breathing. Acupuncture is much safer, it has none of these unwanted side effects.

So how does acupuncture work?

The needles are normally placed where lines of energy are thought to flow – “Qi” – that flows through our bodies.

Chinese traditional medicine claims that it is when energy flow is disrupted, or blocked, that illness will result. Even though modern medicine does not understand it's way of working, it is gaining in popularity.

A more “user friendly” concept than conventional acupuncture has recently been developed, mainly in Sweden, based on research in the US and in Russia.

Introducing the modern concept of the acupressure mat, the “Hedgehog Mat”. This version of the ancient Indian “spike mat” or “fakir mat” consist of thousands of small pressure points, packaged into a flexible and soft cotton fabric.

The theory was, that since there are so many acupressure points, some of them will hit the right spot och so work the same way as an acupuncture needle would.

Your muscles will relax and your whole body will also experience increased blood flow. It is extremely easy to use, it can be used by anyone, at any time and anywhere. Another big advantage is that it requires no training and it is effortless.

It is being used for not only headache, but also insomnia and muscle pain, among other problems.

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The Signs of a Migraine Headache and the Effective Natural Approaches to Treat Migraine Headaches

Are You Experiencing a Migraine Headache

One is likely experiencing a migraine headache if the headache begins on one side of the head with a pulsating sensation, then becoming a moderate to severe constant pain and lasting for 4 to 72 hours. In addition, one or more of the accompanying symptoms are experienced: Nausea or vomiting, Photophobia (increased susceptibility to light), and Photophonia (increased susceptibility to noise). Approximately one-third of the migraine sufferers will also experience an aura, this is an unusual visual, olfactory (sense of smell), or other sensory experience that alerts the sufferer that the migraine will soon occur.

Research has shown migraine headaches to be associated to:

  • Hormonal factors as seen with the female cycle and stress hormones
  • 75% prevalent in females
  • Strong genetic factor
  • Mental, physical, chemical, or emotional stress induced

When one seeks care for the suffering of migraine headaches, it is recommended to have a proper assessment of the body for triggering factors or chemical abnormalities associated to the migraines. Then, utilize an effective natural treatment that helps eliminate the active migraine and preventing its recurrence.

Assessment and treatment of the migraine headache is as follows:

  • Assess and treat abnormal cortisol levels , stress hormones that allow us to handle stress, a primary triggering factor for this condition.
  • Find and eliminate structural imbalances in the neck and base of head to remove irritation to the autonomous nervous system that controls blood flow to the head thus, eliminating pressure from excessive blood to the head.
  • Assess treatment headaches through chinese diagnosis and treatment with herbs and acupuncture to establish stress reduction and balance of energy so the body can restore itself.
  • Assess provide remedies for female and male hormone imbalances that are often associated (example: menstrual cycle and menopaal changes).
  • Restoring cerebral spinal fluid flow in the cranium (head) through aligning the suture plates of the skull through cranial sacral therapy.
  • Determine sleep disorders are associated to stress and fluctuations with brain chemicals.
  • Discover and treat Food Sensitivity such as gluten sensitivity, MSG, tyramine, nitrites, that are often associated to this condition.
  • Discover and treat environmental toxins likes parasites, yeast, chemicals, etc., that create excess stress that will trigger or cause this condition.

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Cure to Migraines Are Just Temporary Treatments For Migraines

Migraine is a medical condition that has no cure. It has yet to be thoroughly understood by specialists and doctors. What specialists do know about this condition is that it involves chemicals such as serotonin causing blood levels to constrict. Sudden drop in levels of these chemicals causes the blood vessels to suddenly dilate, also known as vasodilatation, and enlarging result to a migraine. However, the medical community and specialists know that it is very complicated to deal with.

There are plenty of people and sources that claim that there are cures for migraine. However, these cures do not address the main problem of migraine. What these cures do is address the underlying symptoms. The cures do not completely remove migraine. It temporarily relieves the person of the symptoms and the pain accompanying migraine. What are available are temporary treatments. Also, not all kinds of treatments and medications affect people in the same manner. Some are more effective while at the same time, can have no effect on other people.

The most common way used by people to deal with migraines is medicines. These medications are popular for giving instant, short relief to people suffering from migraines. This is especially true for over the counter drugs. But there can be some bad effects with the use of medicines. Some medications can damage vital body parts such as kidneys and livers. Other medications can also cause a rebound effect; the medication, instead of stopping the headache, causing more headaches to occur.

Some alternative remedies for migraines are chosen by a lot of people. Most of these remedies are aimed at relaxation and balance within the body. Most people do sampling of these alternative remedies and see which ones are more effective for them. One of this alternative remedies is acupuncture. Acupuncture is alleged to affect the blood flow and the brain, particularly its neurotransmitters. Another alternative remedy is biofeedback. In biofeedback, the mind is used to have control over the body. This is done by conveying information about blood pressure, heart rate, skin temperature, sweating, muscle tension, etc. from the mind to the organs involved in the processes. Another alternative remedy is relaxation therapy. Activities such as controlled and paced respiration, deep breathing and muscle relaxation are some of the techniques used in this kind of therapy. Another kind of therapy, hydrotherapy, is one of the more common alternative remedies used for migraines. Hydrotherapy involves external application of water to different parts of the body for relief and healing purposes. The body or parts of it are immersed or exposed to water to give relief to various conditions.

It has to be remembered that migraines do not have cures. Most cures that people spoke of are temporary or solutions that provide prolonged relief, but not permanent ones. But if people can find treatments that do minimize the effects and damages of migraines, these treatments can be the closest thing to a cure to migraines.

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You Don’t Constantly Have to Use Medicines As a Headache Cure

Everyone has suffered at one time or other of heads. This is after a cold occasion, especially the most typical ailment affecting human animals. There are a great number of causes for headaches, by far the most significant of which are, anxieties, worries, anemia, bad eye sight, allergies to animals and / or some particular food.

Typically when the headaches strikes, you will not be able to work, read, watch TV and even carry on a decent conversation. Here, it's not surprising that you would instantly reach out to a painkiller to chase it away. The following are some straightforward and well-known headache remedies, which must aid with easing the pain:

1. Often headaches are caused by muscular anxiety (wrong posture). It truly is significant which you sit correctly and maintain the correct posture even while walking. Should you spend lengthy hours listed behind your desk, and you want a great headache solution, you would do fine to pay close attention at your posture.

2. The menstruation cycle and occasionally even pregnancy could be a direct cause for headaches. Ensure that you simply check these factors too. In this situation, the headache solution would be ingest a great amount of zinc (and other vitamins) via a change in diet or health supplements; and watch your headaches disappear.

3. Mental tension is one of one of the most encountered difficulties in today's world. In this case, the ideal headache solution is relaxation. You might get relaxed via long body massages, lots of rest and as much peaceful sleep as possible. Pay close attention towards the routine in this kind of headache cure. You get up at 4 AM, do yoga and exercise till 5:30 or 6:00 am, have breakfast, study the newspaper, enjoy your family and pets and then by 8 am you are out on the house. Food and meditation timeought to never deviate once it can be set.

4. You might use both heat and cold compresses to relieve headaches. That is one of the most widespread headache remedy alternatives accessible. You'll be able to lie down and use a hot or cold compress till the headache leaves you.

5. Drinking water, though a lot of may probably not believe, is really a wonderful headache treatment. An adult really should ordinarily drink some seven to eight glasses of water. It really is observed that drinking water may greatly decrease the migraine headaches, although it's not proven yet.

If none with the above works, and your head increases in intensity, then by all means run for the pharmacy, purchase the recommended painkiller, and possibly a mild sedative so you are able to sleep undisturbed. Then it's important to also make an appointment with a doctor.

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A Natural Way to Recover Your Headache

Approximately 15 million Americans experience painful heads and around $ 300 million are spend annually just to recover your headache. While these over-the-counter medications can give temporary relief to patients, they often cause various dangerous side effects.

To cure your headaches, you need to comprehend that two sorts can occur – tension or stress headaches and chronic headaches or migraines. The a lot more typical sort is migraine, which results in extreme agony close to your head, throbbing, nausea, dizziness, vomiting or light sensitivity.

The key to healing your heads is through life style configurations. You need to be able to decrease poisoning toxins by eating correctly, resting appropriately, relaxing, exercising and stopping bad habits, such as cigarette smoking or caffeine addiction.

As basic a solution as this may seem, healing your headaches rest on your ability of taking care of your body. Whenever you feel that heads are about to begin, carry a break from work, relax or lie down with eyes closed.

Some experts suggest that rather than fighting the discomfort making use of over-the-counter ache relievers, you possibly can heal your headaches by focusing on them and accepting the soreness. This way, you happen to be training your system not to give agony that you can not endure.

On the other hand, you really should always listen to the body when you're experiencing a headache since your body is telling you that it needs rest. When you consider appropriate rest, your body detoxifies itself automatically. To prevent toxins to appear again, make the needed adjustments from your life style to keep your body clean.

If you are physiqueacts negatively to discomfort relievers or other prescribed medications and you happen to be in desperate will need of finding the very best way to heal your headache, you can probably be amazed by how basic and affordable it may be.

To be able to cure your headache, you need to give yourself a massage once the headache begins. Use your fingers to rub the back of your neck, scalp, shoulders and temples. Apply hot or cold treatment, consider a warm bath, or place a heating pad where the soreness is building up.

Should you prefer taking a bath, put several drops of vital oils into your tub. If you're massaging the pain-infected area, carry a few drops and continue the massage with oils, rubbing your neck, temples and hairline.

To treat or cure your headache, you can also consider herbal supplements or calming teas. Neverheless, if headaches persist, it could be an undercoming result of one more health problem. Consult your physician to arrive at an accurate diagnosis and treated correctly.

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Some Handy Tips and the Typical Residence Remedy For Pain

A pain is one of the worst aches one can get as it parallels the entire body within the method. There are many approaches in which you'll be able to tackle your heads at residence based on the variety of head ache you might have. Here are some widespread household remedies for a head ache that you just too can practice and hopefully get rid of your head as well.

The most popular cause for headache is pressure and there are a few approaches to relive strain headaches without having the use of common medication. Usually when people are stressed, overworked or emotionally upset their eating habits change vastly and one thing they neglect most is drinking drinking water, which in turn leads to dehydration and horrible headaches.

The greatest property solution for aggravation related to dehydration is usually to drink plenty of water and even electrolytes enriched water drinking just like Gatorade or PowerAde for quicker hydration of your body and relief with the headache.

Physical exercise is an additional good way to relieve head ache with no medication. The ideal workout is not the common aerobics or jogging, but rather a much more relaxing example for example yoga or Pilates. Remember to drink a lot of water when exercising, regardless in the sort of exercise you're performing. All exercises increase blood circulation and assist reduction headaches inside course of action.

If you could have a stress related pain a excellent house solution would have to take a long bath, light some decorated candles with important oils such as lavender that soothe the senses at the same time as relaxes the nerves and then, relieves you of your headache . Try to get a few hours sleep after this treatment and your pain will disappear. This treatment just is not the ideal for those who suffer from sensitivities to smell.

An efficient house solution for headaches derived from sinus infections is to inhale hot water vapors for approximately 10 minutes or to apply hot and cold compresses over the affected area. The very best property solution for headaches in most cases is rest in a quiet and tranquil environment, drinking a lot of drinking water and blocking all stressful thoughts as much as feasible.

Property remedies for headaches may not work on all the same way, depending on the sections of headaches you have and also on your present state of health. Natural remedies for example acupuncture are also a great ways to approach persistent headaches, particularly in case you do not desire to take any traditional pain relievers. Consult a doctor if your headaches persist or become acute as they may be due to other circumstances that you are not aware of at the moment.

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The Cause of Your Headaches Could Be Your PC – 5 Simple Steps to Avert Them

Personal computers are now recognized as a cause of heads for many people who use them for business or pleasure. If you're using your computer for business or as part of your job then this can be a real problem. You may need to take a break from your keyboard, but you can not do this too often, so how do you avoid further headaches?

1. Make sure your post is correct.

Sitting in an incorrect posture for hours at a time can easily cause the tension that leads to a headache. If you are anything other than average height then you will probably need to adjust the height of your chair to ensure that your arms can rest on the desktop comfortably in a horizontal position.

If the desktop is too low for you then you may find yourself leaving on your wrists as you type or use the computer mouse. If it is too high then you'll find yourself compensating for this by bending your wrists excessively to work the keyboard and mouse.

Once you have this setting optimized for your comfort, make sure you sit upright at all times, and have sufficient lumbar support from your chair.

2. Take a break regularly.

Even with point number 1 covered, your body will complain if you spend too long at a time sitting in front of your PC. Get up from your chair every 30 to 40 minutes and walk around the room for a minute or two. Do some stretching exercises if you can, to relax and tone the muscles. Gaze out of the window for a short while so your eyes can focus on something in the distance, rather than just inches away.

3. Breathe properly.

This sounds odd because does not everyone breathe properly? Actually, most people do NOT breathe properly for most of the time. In front of a computer most people only utilize around 40 per cent of their lung capacity. This means the body, including the brain, is being slowly starved of oxygen, and this in turn is a major cause of headaches.

It's very easy, when concentrating on your work at the computer, to forget all about your breathing. Try and avoid this, even if it means having a post-it note attached to your monitor saying something like, “Do not Forget To Breathe!”

4. Drink plenty of water.

Insufficient water intake is a major cause of headaches, and has been since long before computers were invented. Always have a glass of water nearby and make sure you drink it – at least two glassfuls per eight hour day, and more in hot weather. This should be in addition to any tea or coffee you drink. Sometimes drinking a couple of glasses of water can dissipate a headache on its own, so never underestimate the importance of this kind of natural headache relief .

5. Check your computer monitor.

Sometimes a computer monitor can give the user a headache. Although levels of brightness are much more acceptable with modern flat-screen monitors, you should check periodically that the brightness level is not too high. If you're using an old fashioned CRT monitor then also check that it's focused properly, as fuzzy images and text are very bad for your eyesight and are often the cause of headaches.

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Headaches and Nausea Can Be Relieved With These Two Little Known Exercises

Headaches and nausea are two of the most common forms of illness and are about equal in terms of the feeling of wretchedness they can impose. Unfortunately the medications used in bringing relief often have side-effects that rival the original complaint for all the discomfort and suffering they bring.

These medications mostly work on the basis of numbing the sensitivity of the body's nervous system in the areas affected. This is actually counter-productive, as the pain and discomfort of headaches and nausea are the body's way of sounding the alarm and forcing the sufferer to take remedial action.

For example, most headings are caused by tension in the neck and shoulder muscles. This causes the blood vessels carrying vital oxygen to the nerve cells in the brain to constrict and thereby impede the flow – a situation that can not be allowed to continue for long if some kind of damage is to be avoided. Here is the body's alarm call in the form of a headache.

The same principle applies to nausea, which can be caused by nervousness or a stomach upset, or through having swallowed certain drugs or alcohol. It's the body's call to slow down and deal with the disorder before doing anything else.

If there is a more serious cause then your headaches or nausea will persist or recur, in which case you should consult a doctor or physician.

Most headaches and nausea, though, are not that serious, but they are nonetheless disturbing and even painful, and it is in any event in your interests to deal with the root cause, rather than just the symptoms. The following exercises will help you do that.

1. Relief from headaches.

You have to dissolve the tension through relaxation, and open up those constricted blood vessels. This double exercise involves potential points on either side of your head. Find the two points in your eye hollows at the top near the bridge of your nose, and press them using your left thumb and index finger.

At the same time find the hollow in the center of the back of your neck, at the base of your skull, and press this point with your right thumb. Relax in a sitting position with your head tilted back, and breathe deeply and regularly through the nose, or inhale through the nose and exhale through the mouth, which is the more natural for you.

Do this for one to two minutes at a time, until your headache subsides. Try to banish all worries and anxieties from your mind and think of something comforting. If you can, play some soothing music at low volume while you do this natural headache relief .

2. Relief from nausea.

You'll have to try this exercise for yourself in order to appreciate how effective it is. Find the points on each leg that are about two and a half to three inches below the knee and a finger-width to the outside of the shin bone. It's the point where a muscle flexes when you move your foot up and down.

Briskly rub up and down with your fists, or alternately press into those points for thirty seconds to a minute at a time. You will find that this brings relief from nausea, indigestion and fatigue.

The important thing to remember about headaches and nausea is that they are usually the body's way of forcing you to attend to its needs, that you may have been neglecting, and all it needs is a little TLC.

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Pregnant Women Get Migraines Too

Migraine headaches are distinguished from other forms of headaches. Migraine headaches are an outcome of blood vessels expanding in the brain. A migraine-related headache initially feels like a dull sensation in the head and eventually becomes an acute headache, usually felt in front of the head or in the temples. Usually accompanied by nausea and vomiting, migraines are experienced by some people with visual disturbances and problems normally called an aura. Plenty of things can be triggers for migraines such as food, stress, etc.

Migraines are often present during pregnancy. It is especially common during the first trimester or the first three months of a woman's pregnancy. The migraine-related headaches pregnant women experience can vary in intensity from woman to woman and the period of the pregnancy. What makes it difficult for most pregnant women is that migraine occurrence can be hard to predict. A woman can be likely to get it; a woman can rarely have it, possibly even never. Pregnant women who are more likely to experience migraines may experience stronger headaches further on in their pregnancy or may find that the migraines diminish with time.

Despite the challenge, it is possible to treat the migraines of pregnant women. But because of the fragile condition of pregnant women, it should be done with the utmost care. One of the ways that can help in treating migraine in pregnant women is by keeping a diary regarding headaches. During the times she had a migraine headache, she should include the headache's duration, its probable cause and other important details. The diary can give an insight on what she is experiencing and what things she should engage in the future.

It can be hard to determine whether a pregnant woman's symptoms she experiences is because of migraines during pregnancy or if it is because of the pregnancy itself. It is important to be able to determine the root cause for the symptoms. It can be very dangerous when signs of headaches occur as this may signify something which needs attention especially during a pregnancy term so proper consultation is needed with a medical expert if certain health issues occur. These include headaches accompanied by a fever, prolonged heads reaching duration of hours, reoccurring headaches and headaches accompanied by visual disturbances.

In cases of migraines in pregnant women, there are common home remedies that can help in giving relief for migraines. These may include applying a cold towel on the head, relaxing the body by sleeping or taking short naps, exercising, meditation or yoga, etc. Pregnant women can also engage on migration prevention treatments. Avoiding possible migraine triggers such as chocolates, coffee and certain foods can be very helpful. In some cases where the migraine headache is very strong, health care providers prescribe some form of medication, considered safe for pregnancy. These forms of medications have to be discussed very thoroughly with a doctor because some medications such as aspirin can be very dangerous to pregnant women.

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Facts About a Migraines Cure

Migraines are often confused with headaches. But migraines are not normal headaches. With migraines, enlargement of blood vessels or vasodilatations occasion. These results to a release of chemicals in the brain such as serotonin from the nerve fibers. These chemicals lead to the inflammation and escalation of the treaties. The inflammation, unfortunately, is interpreted by people as pain.

All these, however, are still yet to be fully understood by doctors and specialists. What these specialists presume is that the certain blood vessels in the brain enlarge (also known as vasodilatation) because of some changes in the physical and chemical condition of the body. And because people from the medical community have yet to fully determine the circumstances and conditions related to migraine, there is no sure fire treatment for migraines. Simply put, there is no definite cure for treatment. What can be done is to treat the pain and other physical manifestations of the condition.

Since migraine is a medical condition that has no cure yet, treatments usually only serve as a temporary relief for patients suffering from migraine. Migraines can be a very painful thing. It is often accompanied by intense and acute head pain, alongside throbbing sensation normally felt at the temple. The pain can be felt in different ways. Most often, migraines are unilateral; it normally Is concentrated on a single part or a single side of the brain. However, in some unusual cases, it can be felt all through the head. The head pain related to migraine can take a long time to pass. The pain can get worse when the person engages on simple physical activities. And to make things even worse, migraine can be present along with other symptoms such as nausea, vomiting and diarrhea. These symptoms and pain are the exact reason why people try to look for cures or treatments that would completely get rid of their migraines, headaches and symptoms.

People hope to get relief by getting some non-prescription medines or innovative home therapies. These serve as their treatments. These are easier to get for pain that is unbearable, as compared to going to the doctor, which can take some time. Home therapies include using hot water to decrease some of the circulation of the blood in the head. This relieves the inflammation of the blood vessels. Another one is acupuncture. Non-prescription medicines include over the counter medicines. Most of these non-prescription medicines are analgesics. They have proven to be effective in providing short-term relief for headaches and muscle pains. One kind of analgesic is acetaminophens, which are also over the counter medications that can help in giving migraine relief. Acetaminophen targets the parts of the brain that recognizes pain. Another kind of analgesic is the non-steroid anti-inflammatory medicine. Some examples of this medicine include aspirins, medicines with ibuprofen such as Advil and naproxens.

These treatments, along with plenty of others, can have different effects on people. With the right combination, these treatments can successfully prevent the future occurrence of migraines and its symptoms. It can also provide some form of immediate relief. This is what people refer to when they say that they have discovered a cure for migraines. Just note that these cures may not work for everyone.

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Different Kinds of Headaches Your Child May Be Suffering From

Children's Headaches

“Dad, my head hurts”

“Mum, my head is very pain”

These quotes should be very familiar to you if you are a parent. You will hear it when your child experiences discomfort with his or her head. Majority of the children, due to their age and innocence do not know how to describe headaches properly, let alone understand what causes their headaches. Therefore it is of utmost importance that we, as adults, should have an understanding of some causes of headaches in children so as to alleviate the pain that our children suffer from.


One of the causes of headaches in children is infections. Young children have a reliably higher chance of catching common diseases like gastroenteritis, influenza, cold or even contagious diseases like chicken pox, measles and mumps. Such illnesses will inevitably result in the children suffering from headaches, especially for children who are aged between four and ten.

These types of headache develop speedily and usually occurs at the front part of the head where the forehead is. Some symptoms of such headaches are irritation, lost of appetite, or in some severe cases high fever which may affect the mental alertness of the children in the long run.

In other cases, headaches serve as a precursor for more serious illnesses. They may be the initial symptoms of a serious illness. When such cases occur, the best solution is to monitor your child's temperature and advise them to have more rest. It is also prudent to advise the child to consume a lot of water and administrator paracetamol should the body temperature start to rise. Paracetamol is also effective in easing the headache. Should the pain continue for more than 24 hours, or should signs and symptoms such as diarrhea, vomiting, sniffles, cough and spots appear, it is highly advisable to seek urgent medical attention for further treatment.

Headache – Migraine

Some children suffer from persistent headaches without any signs and symptoms of any impending illnesses. These headings are categorized as migraine, which are more common among children as compared to tension headaches. Parents are advised to look out signs like lack of appetite, vomiting and nausea. Migraine usually occurs either on the left or the right side of the brain. Such migraines will usually subside when the child reaches an age of about ten to twelve. However the child still experiences migraine after the age of twelve, it is best to seek medical attention to alleviate the pain.


Analgesic is one of the most common prescriptions to cure migraine in children. In some cases, doctors may prescribe sandomigran or a beta-blocker to alleviate the child's pain. It is advised that parents continue to express their care and concern on their children who are suffering from migraine, despite their feeling vexed due to their headache.

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Have You Ever Heard of Prophylaxis Migraines?

Prophylaxis migraines or prevention of migraine simply means recurrent treatment to patients who were diagnosed with migraines. The goal is to prevent migraine symptoms such as headaches from occurring.

The Greek term “prophylaxis” means “an advance guard”. Prophylaxis migraines are the result of continuous study about migraines in general and to help most of the population who suffers from this common yet debilitating sickness.

Several methods are employed to support prophylaxis migraines. Examples are continuous drug applications and holistic approaches such as acupuncture, head massages and application of hot or cold compress. Of the available non-traditional treatments, acupuncture recommends a higher efficiency rate since it has fewer undesirable effects. This is the problem with some prescription and non-prescription drugs used by migraine sufferers. Different people may develop certain adverse reactions when these drugs are ingested. Some may experience worsening condition while some may have added inconveniences. The risk of having kidney and liver problems also increases with the frequency of medicine intake. When seeking for drug treatments, always inform the health specialists about the person's medical history and existing conditions other than migraine and current lifestyle. Some of the medicines may interfere with pills prescribed for other sickness such as heart and high blood pressure problems.

Since prophylaxis migraines literally try to prevent migraines from taking place, the prescribed medications may not be taken during migraine episodes. These medicines will not be as effective while having migraines for it is not designed that way. These medicines will not take away the symptoms and pain. Other remedies may be used such as ibuprofen or acetaminophen to relieve headaches. Without otherwise specified, these prophylaxis medicines may be taken daily to minimize the rate of occurrence and interval of migraine head pains.

Not everyone needs to seek prophylaxis prescriptions. If the frequency is uncommon or the severity of migraine events is placid, then there is no need for prophylaxis migraines. Some people may just need to take any form of relaxation techniques like breathing exercises, stretching or just by simply sleeping. Taking a cold shower would also improve blood circulation and lessen headaches. In other words, there are abortive methods that a person can resort to without popping tablets. However, if migraines happen for more than two times a week, then it is recommended to seek medical attention. Initial visits to physicians may not necessarily lead to prophylaxis medications.

Although prophylaxis migraines may lower the chances of migraines from surfacing, it can not be expected that the treatment may completely cure the person. In so far as medicinal technology has reached, there is no known single cure or vaccine for migraines. This is the same status in finding the real cause of migraines.

Prophylaxis migraine is an advantage to people who can not readily eliminate the migraine triggers. Perfect examples are those who work in stressful environmental conditions such as advertising and stock markets. However, as everything else in nature, constant abuse to health is detrimental. Medication can only go so far. The key is ultimate prevention so that the person may lead a normal and headache-free life.

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