If you suffer from constant migraines, there may be a simple explanation. You may just not be sleeping regularly enough. See, the body's feel-good chemical is something called Serotonin. It is tied very close to sleep and if you are not getting enough sleep, you may also be lacking in this essential chemical. That chemical, or lack of it, is also tied to migraines.

The quality of sleep is tied to three important things: Noise, stress and drugs. All three will keep you up, and reducing all three will help you get more of the rest you really need to be healthy.

Believe it or not, you really do need to keep the lights off when your sleep. This is just something the human body has become accustomed to over the course of thousands of years. Additionally, you should keep the TV or radio off when you sleep because that can keep your body from resting.

Even when you are sleep, your mind is constantly working. You even register outside sounds when you are asleep and those TV noises really have an impact on the amount and quality of the rest you get. So, if you have to have the TV on to get sleep, then set the sleep timer to turn it off after you are sleep.

Stress is another issue, and one that is harder to deal with. You may not be able to get rid of it altogether, but better managing your stress is possible. The best way to do this is to exercise more.

When you do exercise, you should make a point of doing it before nightfall. That is because exercise too close to bed time actually has the opposite effect, and hormones your ability to sleep.

Naturally drugs and medications can have a harsh effect on your ability to fall sleep. If you have prescription odds are your doctor has already mentioned their effects on the sleep cycle. So take your meds in the morning. That leads to caffeine, the largest sleep offender there is.

If you can stand to do so, quit the caffeine eye. It is a migraine trigger all by itself, so it's effect is monumental. However, if you can not ditch it, at least lower it. And also do not drink coffee or soda pop in the afternoon or evening.