We all have cranial fluid that travels from the cranium (brain) down the spinal column to the sacrum and then back again in a specific natural rhythm. When there are blockages in the body's energy system, tight fascia, injure to the tissues of the body (soft tissue / bone), birth trauma or any other type of dysfunction that affects the body, the cranial fluid is inhibited. When the natural, normal flow of cranial fluid is compromised and does not flow properly additional dysfunctions occurs. Headaches, migraines, MS, autism, organ functions, tight fascia, concussions and many other body and spirit functions are improved with Cranial Sacral Therapy.

The client lies on his or her back on a massage table while the therapist gently and with light touch therapy encures the tissues into their proper placement. For instance, birth trauma can squeeze the cranial bones and compress the bones of the head in an unhealthy compression. As the child grows he or she may may experience headaches due to compressed bones that were once squeezed too tight while passing through the birth canal. This tightness could possibly affect the upper spinal column resulting in a tight neck tissues leading to a restriction of blood and oxygen flow. Unexplained headaches may and often do result.

As the client lies on his or her back the Cranial Sacral Therapist gently and with light touch decompresses the cranial bones while placing a light traction on the individual cranial bones one or two at a time. The minority and gentle movement of these bones slowly and methodically moves into their proper alignment. This alleviates pressure with the neighboring bones of the skull. The creation of the extra space between the sutures of the head allows not only proper cranial sacral fluid flow but oxygen and blood as well. Headaches diminish if not totally disappear but the brain is able to have the space to function without restrictions and compressions.

This same process is used on all other parts of the body with the same effects. For instance, when using cranial sacral therapy on the shoulder the fascia tissue is loosened and misalignment is corrected. Trigger Point Therapy also works well with the shoulder for releasing knots. The end result is more range of motion, eliminated or reduced pain, more energy and improved quality of life. This technique can also be used to alleviate low back pain.

The pelvis is built in two halves, right and left, connected by cartilage. Each side can be tilted forward or backward. One side can be tilted while the other side remains in its proper position. This distortion places a strain on the fascia which pulls on the corresponding muscles which creates low back pain. When one of these groups of muscles is overstretched it puts a strain on the opposing group of muscles which are working so hard to correct the situation. This creates low back pain.

Low back pain is alleviated by the therapeutic massage and Trigger Point Therapy to release knots. Once the fascia tissue is loosened up the therapist can use Cranial Sacral Therapy to re-adjust the pelvis in its proper position. The therapist can also use a technique known as 'unwinding' which will loosen stuck fascia to help ensure that the pelvis stays in its proper place once readjusted.

It usually takes a day or two for the body to adjust to the physical changes. Be sure to be careful and move about methodically while the body is stabilizing itself to the new changes. One may temporarily feel unstable during this stabilization period. Be sure to drink plenty of water as toxins are released and need to be flushed out to avoid settling in other areas causing one to feel sick.

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