Migraine is a medical condition that has no cure. It has yet to be thoroughly understood by specialists and doctors. What specialists do know about this condition is that it involves chemicals such as serotonin causing blood levels to constrict. Sudden drop in levels of these chemicals causes the blood vessels to suddenly dilate, also known as vasodilatation, and enlarging result to a migraine. However, the medical community and specialists know that it is very complicated to deal with.

There are plenty of people and sources that claim that there are cures for migraine. However, these cures do not address the main problem of migraine. What these cures do is address the underlying symptoms. The cures do not completely remove migraine. It temporarily relieves the person of the symptoms and the pain accompanying migraine. What are available are temporary treatments. Also, not all kinds of treatments and medications affect people in the same manner. Some are more effective while at the same time, can have no effect on other people.

The most common way used by people to deal with migraines is medicines. These medications are popular for giving instant, short relief to people suffering from migraines. This is especially true for over the counter drugs. But there can be some bad effects with the use of medicines. Some medications can damage vital body parts such as kidneys and livers. Other medications can also cause a rebound effect; the medication, instead of stopping the headache, causing more headaches to occur.

Some alternative remedies for migraines are chosen by a lot of people. Most of these remedies are aimed at relaxation and balance within the body. Most people do sampling of these alternative remedies and see which ones are more effective for them. One of this alternative remedies is acupuncture. Acupuncture is alleged to affect the blood flow and the brain, particularly its neurotransmitters. Another alternative remedy is biofeedback. In biofeedback, the mind is used to have control over the body. This is done by conveying information about blood pressure, heart rate, skin temperature, sweating, muscle tension, etc. from the mind to the organs involved in the processes. Another alternative remedy is relaxation therapy. Activities such as controlled and paced respiration, deep breathing and muscle relaxation are some of the techniques used in this kind of therapy. Another kind of therapy, hydrotherapy, is one of the more common alternative remedies used for migraines. Hydrotherapy involves external application of water to different parts of the body for relief and healing purposes. The body or parts of it are immersed or exposed to water to give relief to various conditions.

It has to be remembered that migraines do not have cures. Most cures that people spoke of are temporary or solutions that provide prolonged relief, but not permanent ones. But if people can find treatments that do minimize the effects and damages of migraines, these treatments can be the closest thing to a cure to migraines.