There are many people that suffer from migraines and these can be very painful occurrences. But by altering your sleeping habits there is a possibility that you could make the migraines less painful or at least less frequent. When we sleep we produce a chemical in our bodies known as serotonin which can help to reduce these headaches.

The main things that prevent us from getting the required amount of sleep are usually medication, noise or stress. If we can minimize any or all of these things then we should be blew to get the required amount of sleep that our bodies need.

Obvious things such as making sure the Television is off or the lights are off when you sleep can help also. You may not think that these things will affect your sleep but they can do.

There may be people that find it difficult to sleep unless the television is on. If you are one of these people then you should learn to time the television to go off when you are sleeping. This is because even when we are asleep our brains can be affected by noise and this can disturb the quality of sleep that we receive.

Stress can be the hardest of these things to eliminate in order to get a restful night's sleep. But we can reduce our stress levels by doing regular exercises.

You must always try to exercise regularly but but do not leave it until late in the evening or your brain will still be active and this could affect your sleep.

If your doctor has prescribed you with any medication which could affect sleeping patterns then hopefully he should have made sure that you take the medication early in the day so as not to affect your sleeping. One of the main drugs that can affect your sleeping is caffeine.

You should always try to make sure that you do not drink any caffeine drinks after dinner as this will also affect your sleeping.