Prophylaxis migraines or prevention of migraine simply means recurrent treatment to patients who were diagnosed with migraines. The goal is to prevent migraine symptoms such as headaches from occurring.

The Greek term “prophylaxis” means “an advance guard”. Prophylaxis migraines are the result of continuous study about migraines in general and to help most of the population who suffers from this common yet debilitating sickness.

Several methods are employed to support prophylaxis migraines. Examples are continuous drug applications and holistic approaches such as acupuncture, head massages and application of hot or cold compress. Of the available non-traditional treatments, acupuncture recommends a higher efficiency rate since it has fewer undesirable effects. This is the problem with some prescription and non-prescription drugs used by migraine sufferers. Different people may develop certain adverse reactions when these drugs are ingested. Some may experience worsening condition while some may have added inconveniences. The risk of having kidney and liver problems also increases with the frequency of medicine intake. When seeking for drug treatments, always inform the health specialists about the person's medical history and existing conditions other than migraine and current lifestyle. Some of the medicines may interfere with pills prescribed for other sickness such as heart and high blood pressure problems.

Since prophylaxis migraines literally try to prevent migraines from taking place, the prescribed medications may not be taken during migraine episodes. These medicines will not be as effective while having migraines for it is not designed that way. These medicines will not take away the symptoms and pain. Other remedies may be used such as ibuprofen or acetaminophen to relieve headaches. Without otherwise specified, these prophylaxis medicines may be taken daily to minimize the rate of occurrence and interval of migraine head pains.

Not everyone needs to seek prophylaxis prescriptions. If the frequency is uncommon or the severity of migraine events is placid, then there is no need for prophylaxis migraines. Some people may just need to take any form of relaxation techniques like breathing exercises, stretching or just by simply sleeping. Taking a cold shower would also improve blood circulation and lessen headaches. In other words, there are abortive methods that a person can resort to without popping tablets. However, if migraines happen for more than two times a week, then it is recommended to seek medical attention. Initial visits to physicians may not necessarily lead to prophylaxis medications.

Although prophylaxis migraines may lower the chances of migraines from surfacing, it can not be expected that the treatment may completely cure the person. In so far as medicinal technology has reached, there is no known single cure or vaccine for migraines. This is the same status in finding the real cause of migraines.

Prophylaxis migraine is an advantage to people who can not readily eliminate the migraine triggers. Perfect examples are those who work in stressful environmental conditions such as advertising and stock markets. However, as everything else in nature, constant abuse to health is detrimental. Medication can only go so far. The key is ultimate prevention so that the person may lead a normal and headache-free life.