Headache is a pain or discomfort in the head, scalp or neck. Serious causes of headache are rare.

It is perhaps the most single complaint of modern times. One of the main causes are tension and muscle spasms in neck, scalp and jaw. For this reason, massaging or otherwise relaxing the neck muscles can sometimes help to relieve headaches. One can also feel better by changing lifestyle.

1. Most so-called migraine headaches are really severe tension headaches; the cause is entirely psychological.

2. Many diseases have also been linked with mental attitudes. Psychiatrists say that migraine is definitely associated with hostility. They believe that many of the illnesses arise out of some tense situation or when the victim has a deep-seated desire to hurt someone or something around him or her and the headache is a residual reaction to this deep-separated desire.

3. Headache patients frequently worry about brain tumors, but the possibility that an intermittent headache is caused by a brain tumor is exceptly remote.

4. The best cure for a headache is to take an aspirin or some other analgesic but if the head persists for some days, then doctor should be consulted.


1. Migraine headache : They are severe. They are accompanied by other symptoms like visual disturbance or nausea. This kind of headache starts from one side and later spreads to both sides.

2. Cluster headaches : They are sharp, and cause severe pain. These kind of heads are rare. They happen several times a day and may last for months.

3. Sinus headache: They usually happen when one wakes up early in the morning and increases when one bends forward. They happen at face or front of head. They also increase while chewing food.


1. IDENTIFY CAUSES : Headache can be because of stress, tobacco smoke, alcohol, masturbation, hunger, depression etc. There may some other reason, whatever it is try to avoid the reason.

2. RELAX : Do some meditation or yoga or try any relaxation technique you know. Relaxing speeds up your recovery.

3. TAKE A NAP : This is a sure shot cure of headache. Take a short nap and your headache will be gone when you wake up.

4. HAVE SOME WATER : You might be having headache because of lack of water in your body ie Dehydration. Have a glass of water or two.

5. HAVE CUP OF COFFEE : Having a cup of coffee or Herbal tea surely lessens headache. But make sure that you do not have too much of it.

6. MASSAGE : By massaging your neck, shoulders or jaw, you gen get relief. Also, applying pressure with three fingers on each side give some relaxation.

7. APPLY LIME: Cut a lime into two and slowly rub it on your head. Sometimes it work.

8. MEDICATION: But this must be your last option. Consult your doctor before taking one and make sure you are not allergic to any of its constituents.