A study in 2007 found that during the course of a year 90% of people will suffer from a headache at least once. Beside the obvious pain in the head and neck region, headaches can also cause nausea, dizziness, blurred vision and loss of balance. Quite often the vast majority of headaches are not symptoms of a more serious problem. Only 1% of people who visit ER suffering from headaches actually have a deer contained health concern.

There are many well known cures and remedies for headaches but one that is not so commonly known is hypnosis. Historical evidence shows that people as far back as those of Ancient Egypt used hypnosis as an effective form of pain relief and it is still being used to this very day.

More recent scientific research has confirmed that hypnosis does indeed work as a “pain blocker”. Brain scans were taken from volunteers who had been hypnotized (as well as a control group who had not) and then made to suffer pain from a source of heat. Those who had been hypnotized had less activity in the pain sensors of the brain. This means that hypnosis actually blocks pain signals from reaching the brain. In the last few years people have even been using hypnosis as an anesthetic in surgeries with great success.

Now I'm sure that you can already imagine how hypnosis can be used to cure a headache but there is also another reason why it is so powerful at alleviating the pain. The majority of headaches are caused by stress and tension, particularly around the neck and shoulders. You may have rolled your neck around to help release some of the pain of a headache, if so you know this to be true. Well hypnosis is also a remarkably great way to relax and loosen muscles.

Although there are some differences, hypnosis is very similar to a deep state of relaxation. Typically you are lead or sat down, while the hypnotherapists guide you through a hypnotic induction. This induction often comes in the form of deep breathing exercises or progressive muscle relaxation. After this comes a deepener (just to make sure the client is properly hypnotized) and then a series of hypnotic suggestions. These suggestions can be about whatever you want, the hypnotherapist will cater for your needs. You may just simply want to relax and unwind, or sometimes you'd like to take part in a creative visualization exercise such as swimming with dolphins.

Hypnosis is actually quite an inexpensive headache remedy too. You may think that hiring a hypnotherapist every time you have a headache would be expensive … and you'd be right. However now you can find hypnosis sessions on MP3s at a fraction of the cost, these also hold the advantage that once you have paid once you can listen to the session over and over again at no extra cost. In the long run this will actually be cheaper than buying bottles of aspirin!

So next time you feel a headache coming on do not reach for a bottle of pills. Try hypnosis, the natural remedy for headache relief.