Headaches and nausea are two of the most common forms of illness and are about equal in terms of the feeling of wretchedness they can impose. Unfortunately the medications used in bringing relief often have side-effects that rival the original complaint for all the discomfort and suffering they bring.

These medications mostly work on the basis of numbing the sensitivity of the body's nervous system in the areas affected. This is actually counter-productive, as the pain and discomfort of headaches and nausea are the body's way of sounding the alarm and forcing the sufferer to take remedial action.

For example, most headings are caused by tension in the neck and shoulder muscles. This causes the blood vessels carrying vital oxygen to the nerve cells in the brain to constrict and thereby impede the flow – a situation that can not be allowed to continue for long if some kind of damage is to be avoided. Here is the body's alarm call in the form of a headache.

The same principle applies to nausea, which can be caused by nervousness or a stomach upset, or through having swallowed certain drugs or alcohol. It's the body's call to slow down and deal with the disorder before doing anything else.

If there is a more serious cause then your headaches or nausea will persist or recur, in which case you should consult a doctor or physician.

Most headaches and nausea, though, are not that serious, but they are nonetheless disturbing and even painful, and it is in any event in your interests to deal with the root cause, rather than just the symptoms. The following exercises will help you do that.

1. Relief from headaches.

You have to dissolve the tension through relaxation, and open up those constricted blood vessels. This double exercise involves potential points on either side of your head. Find the two points in your eye hollows at the top near the bridge of your nose, and press them using your left thumb and index finger.

At the same time find the hollow in the center of the back of your neck, at the base of your skull, and press this point with your right thumb. Relax in a sitting position with your head tilted back, and breathe deeply and regularly through the nose, or inhale through the nose and exhale through the mouth, which is the more natural for you.

Do this for one to two minutes at a time, until your headache subsides. Try to banish all worries and anxieties from your mind and think of something comforting. If you can, play some soothing music at low volume while you do this natural headache relief .

2. Relief from nausea.

You'll have to try this exercise for yourself in order to appreciate how effective it is. Find the points on each leg that are about two and a half to three inches below the knee and a finger-width to the outside of the shin bone. It's the point where a muscle flexes when you move your foot up and down.

Briskly rub up and down with your fists, or alternately press into those points for thirty seconds to a minute at a time. You will find that this brings relief from nausea, indigestion and fatigue.

The important thing to remember about headaches and nausea is that they are usually the body's way of forcing you to attend to its needs, that you may have been neglecting, and all it needs is a little TLC.