In America alone there are an average of 45 million adults that suffer from chronic headaches, with men having a slighter higher incidence than women do. This is 1 out of 6 people in America suffer from chronic headaches, which makes sense why they are seeking natural ways of relief.

With so many sufferers of chronic headaches, it stands to reason why they are turning to chiropractic treatments. While medications are useful in some instances, those that suffer from regular headaches, seek out treatment alternatives where the they do not need to use medicines. Chiropractic as a whole seeks to treat the whole person yet focuses on the area that is causing the pain.

While it is true that even today, most medical doctors would not refer their patients to a chiropractor for headache treatment, many people are simply taking matters into their own hands. The chiropractic community in the mid-1990's being taking a closer look at headache pain and how they can help relieve the daily pain that many people experience. They began using combination therapies such as manually manipulating the spine along with massage and trigger point therapy. The combination helped many people experience instant relief, while others experienced relief after a few adjustments.

People that are at their wits end with headache pain can withdraw from society or worse, becoming addicted to prescription pain medications, which happen far too often. The pain becomes so severe and tiresome that the person seeks out pharmaceutical help through their doctors or a pain management physician. The medications work but the body becomes accustomed to the medications and then find that need more or higher doses to find the same relief. When stronger pain medications are used, the headache-sufferer finds themselves hopelessly addicted and dependent to the drugs to make it through the day. Unfortunately, in American, more people are abusing prescription pain medications than ever.

Those that do not wish to follow down the path of addiction realize it could happen often seek natural pain reduction. Seeking out a chiropractor for headache relief is an all-natural route since a chiropractor does not use medications in the treatment plan, nor do they prescribe medications. Many chiropractors sell supplements and herbs to their patients, depending on their conditions. The goal of chiropractic care is to treat the sufferer's pain in a natural and safe manner. The majority of those that seek out chiropractic help reports positive results and find they are no longer suffering from chronic headaches.

Since more people miss work for headache pain than any other cause, it makes sense that they seek out a treatment that can help them achieve a pain-free life.