Headache is the worst thing that occurs to an individual even when he has not done anything intentionally to experience it. It is an autonomous ailment which can affect one's health adversely. Most of the times the cause behind the headache could not be controlled as it varies from person to person. Excessive stress in life can also cause headache issues in long run. Like animals, people can not be put into boxes.

They need to interact with other humans around. Such is the type of our being that we can not stay in isolation. Humans can not survive in isolation, which is why it is said that humans are social beings. Apart from that philosophy, here we would discuss about an inconvenient feeling called heavy head feeling. Headache could be of various types, ranging from headaches causing pain in single of both temples to other types which focus on the top of the head. The headache which causes pain in the back of the head or neck are mainly seen in people who have long duration sitting jobs.

People like software engineers, store keeping executives, accountants etc. have to sit for longer hours to conduct their work properly, which affects their posture and causes headache. Headache could be seen in students also, as they have to sit for long hours to study. Wrong posture of the body initiates many other disorders and ailments like back pain, joint pains etc.

Heavy head feeling comes often when the person experiences disorders in the internal organs of the body. Like in case of acidity, the sufferer may get a feeling of heavy head. Such a problem can long up to many days if not treated in time. Medical consultation is required to treat such disorders as it may lead to chronic headaches like migraine etc. The sensation of heavy head feeling is more or less like throbbing.

Some narrate it as a feeling like that of stabbing something onto their head or burning whereas the rest call it as a feeling of hammering in the head. Whatever be the feeling is like; the utmost importance should be given to how to treat it.

The excruciating pain caused by headache can destroy your whole lifestyle. An individual who can not afford to have mental peace would certainly lag behind in his career too. There are ways to treat headaches like consulting a doctor, taking a pain killer, or taking some rest from your tedious work life. A heavy head feeling can further cause vomiting like feeling, blurry vision and restlessness.

Luckily there are treatments that can help you get rid of such complex situations. Heavy head feeling can disturb your work life as well as the capacity to take right and timely decisions. The blurriness of thoughts is often experienced by people who have been a sufferer of heads since long. A healthier lifestyle including proper physical activity rate can help very in preventing such conditions to happen any further. Balanced diet should be undertaken to increase the immunity of the body from such complex ailments which disturb the life of the individuals drastically.