Having a headache can certainly happen to anyone, even to a young child. The issue is when they occur over and over again and it becomes a health issue that is interfering with your daily life. They can have moderate levels of pain and increase to very severe amounts of pain that can be unbearable.

Headaches are vastly different than migraines and should be treated with the correct found in one spot of the head or temples and comes and goes within a few hours at the absolute most. A migraine is pain in the head that lasts hours to days and causes severe pain, sensitivity to light and sounds and even vomiting. They both have the ability to distract you from your normal activities at work or school and can be treated with pain medicines in most cases.

Pain medications can be in the form of over the counter drugs that are inexpensive and can be taken without the direction of a doctor. They are generally formulated with acetaminophen or ibuprofen and can be taken to begin curing your pain in less than one hour. Do not take the medication more than directed on the packaging and do not continue taking it for days without the approval of your family doctor. Even over the counter medications can become very addictive and your body becomes dependent on them making it even more challenging to get rid of future headaches. If you continue to experience them more than once a week and without any reason why they seem to be occurring, speak with your doctor or a specialist. You may need to get a head scan just to be proactive and check everything over and your physician will go over your results and review any further treatments you can engage in to help stop your pain. They may also suggest prescription medications in the form of pills, patches or even injections. These are ones that you can manage yourself at home and can be taken for years if you find one that works well at avoiding your pain.

Things to avoid for those that suffer frequent bouts with headaches or migraines are smoking, reading without correction such as squinting, being outdoors in direct contact with the sun or working with strong chemicals all day. If certain smells or foods give off bad reactions and you know your body simply does not agree with them, avoid them to prevent your headaches. Get ample rest as well, even though that may seem as if it may pose a challenge some evenings, make it a priority. Eating a proper diet will also help your pain and lessen the frequency of your headaches. Along with that diet, you also want to be inclined to exercise a few days per week to not only stay healthy but to have more efficient blood circulation to prevent migraines and headaches. After all of the at home options for relieving pain do not do the trick, speak with a specialist and begin your journey curing your head through through extra treatments.