For people all over the world, migraines are a part of their life, some daily, some weekly, and some monthly. For those who suffer, one migraine is one too many. So, if you are like we were, you have searched all the available information, and read all the latest studies, and tried all the latest help. Just like with any study, each group has their own results. Well, we continued to try them all, hoping one day one would help.

We were overwhelmed at the detrimental side effects and long term damage the prescription drugs were advertising, but the worst part of that equation, doctors prescribed them to patients by the thousands everyday. They may offer some migraine relief, but then you must return to the doctor to get another prescription to help what the first prescription damaged. Sounds like a vicious cycle, one that the doctors and drug companies have created for profit. But for migraine sufferers, you are willing to try anything for relief today.

Having said all that, I love natural, healthy alternatives to prescriptions, to the man-made chemicals. Our bodies do not need any more chemicals added to them, we ingest enough in the foods we eat and the water we drink. What we do need to do is look at what we can do to improve our choices in nutrition, to improve our overall health, and avoid the migraines. Some have suggested that there are 'trigger' foods, that when eat start your migraine. It's always a good idea to be aware of what may cause your migraine, but we need to move past that and learn how to eliminate the migraines.

Many studies are showing that a diet low in Magnesium may be linked to migraines. Other studies indicate that some migraines are caused by hormone imbalance, and still others are pointing to food allergies. Taking a closer look at the information we just gathered, nutrition has everything to do with migraines. If you can improve your nutrition you can eliminate your migraine headaches. Nutrition includes vitamins and minerals, sometimes we stop short of complete nutrition by just adding vitamins, but our body needs vitamins and minerals to function properly.