Migraines are a type of headache that is due to the disturbed functioning of the blood vessels in the scalp region and pregnancy migraines are just as bad if not worse. During pregnancy this condition can also affect the health of the mother and baby to a much greater extent. In case you are suffering from such condition during pregnancy then it also increases the chances of experiencing strokes in most women. There are a number of women who experience migraine pain especially during pregnancy and the pain might get severe in some cases. One of the main reasons is the imbalance in hormones that is very common during pregnancy and also due to the high blood pressure.

During pregnancy if the mother experiences higher stress levels then she is more likely to suffer from migraine pain which can become unbearable in most cases. So in case you are experiencing the pregnancy migraines condition then there are opportunities that you may have to avoid most medications and in a lot cases patients are generally advised alternative types of medications like cold packs or even prolonged hours of sleep especially in the dark and comfortable room so that the patient might get some relief after few hours. This type of pain is very common especially during the first few months of pregnancy and may get cured during the later stages of pregnancy. When you experience this type of pain during pregnancy then the pain might last for around 48 hours. If you have to reach to the root cause of the pain it is important that you may have to try and maintain a complete record of the occurrence and frequency of pain.

This is one way that can help in tracking the real cause of pregnancy migraines and at the same time might also help in discovering the right type of remedy that you need to use for eliminating the condition permanently. In most cases the type of diet you consume during pregnancy is one of the main causes for triggering migraine pain like cheese, tyramine and chocolates. Apart from these certain drinks like red wine, coffee and tea can also cause pain. One of the best cures is to try and reduce the intake of these foods and drinks. If you are suffering from such pain during pregnancy then it is best to try and get enough sleep and rest. Try to avoid smells that are strong and stay away from bright light's, flash lights etc. Such types of pains are also very common in men and women who are forty years old or more.