Today I'm going to share with a few of the most common migraine causes and a few ideas to prevent this problem. Nearly everyone has experienced a headache at some point in their life. A migraine is different than a headache and usually has a few other symptoms. A person with a migraine may feel disoriented and dizzy like they are intoxicated. This person may nauseous, sensitive to light or noises. The main differences between the two is that someone can function with a headache, but if someone has a migraine they usually have to go a dark room and lie down until they feel better.

The human brain is a very complicated piece of machinery, so as humans we still do not fully grasp everything it does and there before the exact causes of a migraine is not known. There are a variety of theories and a very popular one that that a migraine is created by a blood vessel in the brain becoming very thin or large. Another idea on what causes this painful condition has to do with the nervous system. Since the nervous system controls pain it does make sense that it might be responsible for this problem.

One thing that experts who study the brain do agree on is that certain triggers can cause this condition. I think we can all agree that stress can play a role with migraines. In fact believe it or not stress can play a big role with your immune system and learning to manage it can really help you. Menstration could be a trigger as well as changes to hormone levels or sleep. Next up what you eat can bring about this ailment. Certain foods could be a trigger such as caffeine, smoking, skipping meals and even the weather might be a cause.

A great idea to prevent this problem is to locate the triggers through a diary. Right after a migraine attack write down what the day was like and what you ate. If you find a pattern then you can remove the trigger and ovoid this problem. A second idea to prevent this problem is through dietary supplements. A deficiency in magnesium has been linked to this condition and taking a quality multivitamin can be very helpful.

To sum everything the leading migraine causes are changes to a blood vessel or problems with the nervous system. Usually there are triggers such as food, stress or hormones that cause this ailment. A person can prevent this problem through keeping a diary, discovering the triggers and eliminating them. Another idea to prevent this problem is by taking a quality multivitamin supplement.