Are you one who suffers from terrible migraine headaches? If so it may interest you to know that you can get natural migraine relief without resorting to over-the-counter or prescription pain medications.

When I was little, my mom would always say she had a “sick headache.” She never referred to them as migraines or any other specific type. I know that she did have some tests run but am not sure if she was ever diagnosed with anything specific. I always got the same headaches and eventually realized they were what was referred to as migraine type headaches.

When I was a teenager and first started getting these painless headaches, I simply took an over-the-counter pain reliever like Advil or something similar. Later I asked my doctor for something and was given a stronger pain medication.

This would help sometimes but other times have little effect. Have you had this happen as well? It's mainly because you pretty much get acclimated to the meds or essentially “immune” to them in a way. But even when they did work it did not stop the migraines from coming back again.

What is needed is a natural method to obtain relief from your migraine without having to consistently resort to prescription drugs to alleviate the pain, only to have the same headache pop right back up again a week later.

There is not a “cure” per se of these types of headaches, unfortunately, but it is very possible to control the sunset or treat them if they do occur, using homeopathic-type and natural remedies found around your house. You can obtain this relief with minimal bother and little to no expense.

One method you may want to try, if you are suffering from a migraine, is a heating pad. I know that many people will tell you to use ice and not heat, but when all else fails, I have had great success with a simple heating pad. Since most people have one of these laying around in the closet somewhere on a shelf, you should not have to invest any money for this treatment.

If you do not have a heating pad available you can take an empty plastic water bottle, fill it with hot water, and wrap it in a cloth or towel. Hold this against the painful area of ​​your head and lie in a dark room. It may take 20 minutes or so but your head pain will ease up and you'll be able to fall sleep.