So many things have been written about the common migraine. At times, you no longer know what to believe in about all the stuff you read. Confusion over the facts and fallacies may be preventing you from seeking proper treatment for your condition, so here are a few truths and common beliefs about migraine headaches.

First, some people will tell you that migraines are not real and that they are just overreactions to the ordinary headache. That is absolutely untrue. Migraines are real and they are a biologic disorder which is not always confined to the head – they can cause pain in the neck and shoulders, but they are just predominately worst in the head area.

Migraines have no known cause, as of yet. There have been theories put forward but nothing has been proved so far to be an exact under cause cause for migraine headaches. Aggravating factors such as noise, heat and light have been proven to increase your chances of getting a migraine, but as determining what actually causes it has not been established.

It is also a fact that symptoms vary among migraine sufferers, that's why specialists have a hard time determining if it is really a migraine headache or another form such as cluster or tension headaches.

Migraines are also not totally curable. You will get it over and over again, even if it seems you've gotten rid of the condition for so many years. Migraines can only be managed and their symptoms treated. You can actually lessen your risk of experiencing migraines through food selection and lifestyle change.

Another fallacy you may have read about is that migraines are a woman's headache. Although the ratio is at 3: 1, men also get migraines. It's just a fact that 66 percent more women suffer from migraines more than men do.

Lastly, migraines are not adult headaches. The belief may have stemmed from the fact that tension and stress can induce a migraine, but adolescents and small children can also get migraines. They're just more prevalent among the older population.