Many people are using medication or drugs to treat or cure migraines. However there are others busy seeking for natural migraine relief.

It has been known and reported that some medications have serious side effects that could affect migraine sufferers. Side effects like dirrhea, nausea and ulcers can leave people more devastated and feel like an addition to the burden. A way to avoid these kinds of side effects from the drugs or medication is natural migraine relief. This would be a better way to treat migraines. Pregnant women, nursing mothers and patients with heart attacks and at risk of stroke are highly advised to use this type of relief. This is because migraine can worsen the existing condition.

People, who are seeking natural migraine relief, actually have a lot options. The first and effective treatment is actually just rest and relaxation. A person suffering from migraine should get a lot of or or enough sleep to relax the brain and the body. After a long, stressful day and long working hours make sure that you rest in a cool, dark and quiet room to take away stress that triggers migraine.

Another natural relief from migraines is by placing an ice pack or cold wet washcloth on the back of the neck while resting. This can be done while lying on the bed or while taking a bath.

Gentle exercises like yoga are another effective relief from these headaches. This involves meditation and muscle relaxation. Yoga can relieve stress and tension that are usually the major causes of migraine.

Tips mentioned above sometimes would not work so you may also try acupuncture. This technique really does relieve the headache of the migraine sufferer and it was even tested by mayo clinic.

Some migraine sufferer's natural migraine relief is through the drinking of minerals and vitamins. Supplements like Coenzyme Q10 and Oral Magnesium sulfate have proven their effectiveness as a true migraine relief. Meanwhile, Butterbur, Vitamin b-2 and Feverfew really do reduce the migraine attacks.

It is still best to seek your doctor's advice before taking any of these natural migraine relief steps. It would be best to ask the doctor to give you additional tips on how to reduce the pain of the migraine headache.