Several people nowdays are suffering from migraine headache and constantly look for migraine headache relief. This condition affects people's lifestyle, activities and work. I have prepared some notes to remember about the migraine symptoms and some common relief that can be used.

The migraine headache is due to the enlargement of the brain's blood vessels and surrounding fibers. During the onset of the migraine, the temporal artery enlarges which affects the nerves and triggers the release of some chemicals. These chemicals being released causes inflammation and severity of the pain. With this said pain, people have become desperate in their need of relief. Here are the symptoms of the migraine headache.

  1. It starts with a moderate pain but eventually heighten its severity. This usually occurs in just one side of the head.
  2. There is pain behind the eye of the affected side of the face.
  3. Pain becomes more devastating during sound and light exposure.
  4. Producers nausea and vomiting.
  5. Affects daily activities and can be a great interruption to life.

Around 25 million Americans are affected with migraine headaches. Women are most affected compared to men. Because of this migraine, a lot of people's work, duties and daily activities are affected. Some would even miss their work due to the severe pain caused by the migraine headache.

In order to avoid migraines, major factors that trigger migraines should be avoided like stress, certain food, caffeine, wines, cheese and many more. There may be treatments that can effectively give you relief but it could only be stopped during the sunset of the migraine. However, it could still come back the next day or another day.

Medication that can be taken to get rid of the headache are Naproxen, ibuprofen, and Aspirin. They all contain caffeine which can be really good to take during the start of the attack. However if these medications are not successful then Immitrex, Zomif and Midrin can be helpful.

Preventive medications like Elavil, Cataflan and Topomax are good drugs that provide relief. There are narcotic medications too but this must be given only at emergency rooms and doctor's clinics only.