Everyone gets heads sometimes. But some people are sorry to worry and for these people there is a short hop between normal headaches and brain tumor headaches. It is important not to dismiss these associations. What is important is to deduce the true cause of the headaches and then to deal with it.

The brain is surrounded by a fluid and this is encased with our skulls'. The body is a finely balanced thing and there is a correct amount of little gray cells and fluid to fit happily inside each of our heads.

What happens when you have a brain tumor is that the balance is upset. The extra mass of the brain tumor means that there is too much inside the scull and this causes pressure.

When you have a headache, it feels like there is pressure inside your head. This is how a headache feet, not necessarily what a headache is. In reality if you had a brain tumor a headache it would not be your first symptom. The brain would be under pressure and this would affect the brains ability to work. Therefore the first symptoms would be reduced or affected mental capacity. By this I do not mean that you would lose your institutions over night. More that maybe your fine motor skills or eye sight would be affected, or perhaps you would experience seizures.

With headaches, it is notoriously difficult to pin point the cause. So patients should do their upmost to help doctors with the diagnosis. A good way to help is to keep a diary. In your diary you should write every time you have a headache. This will help the doctor understand the severity of the headaches, but not the cause. So you need to record other information.

Headaches can be caused by stress or allergies. So it is a good idea to record what you were doing when you got your headache and also what you had eaten that day. With all this information the doctor will be able to help you work out what is causing your headaches.

Whatever you do you need to always work through issues, and recurrent heads should be taken seriously and deal with; no one should have to live with these. Also if you do not find the cause or trigger of your headaches you will always have that niggling fear that it is in fact the beginning of brain tumor headaches, so you must work through the process and find the true cause if you are to control your panic and fears.