Are You Experiencing a Migraine Headache

One is likely experiencing a migraine headache if the headache begins on one side of the head with a pulsating sensation, then becoming a moderate to severe constant pain and lasting for 4 to 72 hours. In addition, one or more of the accompanying symptoms are experienced: Nausea or vomiting, Photophobia (increased susceptibility to light), and Photophonia (increased susceptibility to noise). Approximately one-third of the migraine sufferers will also experience an aura, this is an unusual visual, olfactory (sense of smell), or other sensory experience that alerts the sufferer that the migraine will soon occur.

Research has shown migraine headaches to be associated to:

  • Hormonal factors as seen with the female cycle and stress hormones
  • 75% prevalent in females
  • Strong genetic factor
  • Mental, physical, chemical, or emotional stress induced

When one seeks care for the suffering of migraine headaches, it is recommended to have a proper assessment of the body for triggering factors or chemical abnormalities associated to the migraines. Then, utilize an effective natural treatment that helps eliminate the active migraine and preventing its recurrence.

Assessment and treatment of the migraine headache is as follows:

  • Assess and treat abnormal cortisol levels , stress hormones that allow us to handle stress, a primary triggering factor for this condition.
  • Find and eliminate structural imbalances in the neck and base of head to remove irritation to the autonomous nervous system that controls blood flow to the head thus, eliminating pressure from excessive blood to the head.
  • Assess treatment headaches through chinese diagnosis and treatment with herbs and acupuncture to establish stress reduction and balance of energy so the body can restore itself.
  • Assess provide remedies for female and male hormone imbalances that are often associated (example: menstrual cycle and menopaal changes).
  • Restoring cerebral spinal fluid flow in the cranium (head) through aligning the suture plates of the skull through cranial sacral therapy.
  • Determine sleep disorders are associated to stress and fluctuations with brain chemicals.
  • Discover and treat Food Sensitivity such as gluten sensitivity, MSG, tyramine, nitrites, that are often associated to this condition.
  • Discover and treat environmental toxins likes parasites, yeast, chemicals, etc., that create excess stress that will trigger or cause this condition.