A sinus headache, if triggered by the sinuses, is actually much more of a face ache than a true headache; the sinus passages are located under quite a few areas of skin on the face. The aching may well be caused by an infection of the sinuses that has caused them to swell and inevitably turn out to be painful. A headache may accompany a sinus infection, but will generally require to become treated separately.

Several people think that allergies can lead to sinus headaches. While allergies and sinus infections may have similar symptoms, the headache portion is a separate matter. Allergies may well appear having a headache, but this is not a sinus headache; it is simply a headache. Sinus headaches will often bring about a fever, mainly because the body if fighting the infection that is causing the sinuses swollen.

According to a study, up to 90% of self diagnosed sinus headaches are actually migraines; this however can be a controversial problem and as such has been debated among professionals within the medical community. Some doctors think that these patients may well not have had migraines but did have Sino-nasal ailment. Sino-nasal disease can be a chronic condition of inflated nasal and sinus passes that could currently only be corrected by surgery.

To fans of the migraine theory, the study did show a significant improvement in most in the patients which began migraine treatments after being diagnosed by their medical doctors. The best advice this result can yield is that it's important to obtain a number of opinions before choosing a treatment option. The medical doctor who preformed the study had diagnosed 90% with migraines. The individuals had been also sent to three other health professionals, an ENT and two general practitioners.

Of each of these doctors, less than 10% with the same patients were diagnosed with migraines; this result could certainly fight for either side on the matter. The most beneficial idea, for any individual who believes that they are suffering a sinus headache, would be to consult at least one doctor to become certain there is no serious difficulty. Mention the thought of migraine headaches as many health professionals have tests that could help figure out an people risk for migraine headaches.

For a true sinus headache, the best treatments will treat the other symptoms additionally to the headache. Decongestants and antihistamines can bring relief stuffy noses, watery eyes, and sore throats. Additionally, obtaining plenty of fluids, clearing nasal passages frequently, and staying well rested can also assist to alleviate the discomfort associated having a sinus headache. If a headache lasts longer than the rest in the sinus signs and symptoms it's a excellent notice to consult a medical doctor prior to continuing treatment.