Chronic migraines are a terrible condition to suffer with. The multitude of symptoms which can occur at any given time can make the world seem like it's falling down around you. The sensitivity to light, sound and touch can be excruciating. The nausea, dizziness and vomiting can keep you on your knees while the head runs it's course. Does this sound familiar? You may have tried prescriptions, over-the-counters, herbals, teas, ice packs, hot packs, pressure, massage, hot showers, cold showers, isolation and more. And yet the heads continue.

Pharmaceutical intervention continues to be the most commonly used therapeutic in the treatment of migraine headaches. The development of newer agents and combinations in prescriptions have enabled medical doctors to provide comfort to a larger number of sufferers. And yet some patients find that the prescriptions only dull the effects to a minor degree, while others derive no benefit from them at all!

Is this all because of a failure to design an effective drug? I do not particularly think so. Please remember that most drugs are designed simply to mask the symptoms, not correct the cause. What I have seen in dealing with chronic migraineurs, is that none of their other providers has attempted to figure out the root cause, or why the heads continue.

In the most simplistic analogy, the head start from stress. Physical, chemical or emotional stress. In time, if the headaches are not adequately controlled, the nervous system will start to change and 'rewire' itself which can perpetuate the problem. This process is called neuroplasticity, and in this case it represents a negative coping mechanism on the part of the brain and nervous system. The good news however, is that the vicious cycle can be halted and reversed in a large number of patients. To have a successful exit in the treatment of chronic headaches, the most important factor is to reveal the underlying source (s) of stress. When these factors are reduced or eliminated, you can then get to work at positively 'rewiring' your brain and nervous system. And this can be done! Neuroscience has demonstrated conclusively that your brain is constantly changing and morphing based on the stimuli that you encounter. If you can apply these principles to migraine headaches, one can stand a good chance at beating them for good.

The human brain and it's inner workings seem to be one of the 'final frontiers' in science. However, there is still an intense amount of data and understanding that doctors know and can utilize in formulating effective treatment strategies for chronic headaches. If you have been beat down by this terrible condition, seek answers, press on and never accept the oft heard quote 'there's nothing more that can be done'. You can beat chronic migraines. And you CAN get your life back.