I took my own medicine for a change. I had a booming headache this morning; a friend called up and said let's go sailing so I did, despite the fact my head was booming. Within an hour of sailing my head was was totally gone – no aspirins, nothing, just started doing something I love doing to relieve stress and that was sailing.

If you've been following my articles by now you know the meaning of disease (dis ease) a disruption of ease within the human body. Stress is one of the silent killers of mankind on the planet. Due to lots of commitments and deadlines my mind was not at ease so a lot of stored up energy in my body identified itself in a headache.

That blockage wherever it is a pinched nerve not enough oxygen to the brain, not eating a balanced breakfast and yes that could have been it. I missed breakfast this morning and that could have added to my headache not enough nutrition therefore not enough vitamins and enzymes to the bloodstream to keep my heart and brain working as they should have been.

The point I am trying to make here is I had a blockage due to stress and that blockage was released by doing something I love doing and totally taking my mind off the cares of this world for only a brief period of time.

That same principle applies to exercise, working out, playing the guitar, flying an airplane (I had to throw that in since I'm a private pilot) or even praying for that matter. When you're stressed do something you love to do and take your mind off the world for a bit. It will still be there when you get back. Your body will thank you and your mind can be your worst enemy or your best friend, you decide.