It has been known that there is not any worst pain than cluster migraine. This is the reason why it is very important to have cluster migraine relief. This type of headache usually attacks in clusters of time. This can last from 15 minutes to hours. Some people who have been suffering from this pain describe the feeling as if their eyeball is being pushed. Some would even say that is too sharp to handle. This headache is rare and usually affects men.

Here are some great tips for relief of this horrible pain. Follow these and you may be able to prevent too much pain from this kind of headache.

First: Take it slow. The moment that you panic the blood rushes to the brain and makes the pain even more painful. Sit down and relax to slow the flow of the blood. Get a wash cloth and wet it cold. Apply it to your times to give you relaxation. You may also use an icepack then place it on your forehead. You may also place it at the back of your neck too.

Second: Deep Breathing. In order to attain cluster migraine relief, you need to get your brain some oxygen. To do that, breathe deeply for 15 minutes. You will slowly feel relief. This relaxes the brain and takes away the headache.

Third: Prescribed drugs. These drugs are tested and proven to give cluster migraine relief. A drug like ergotamine tartrate is the common drug that is given and taken by people badly suffering from cluster headaches. This drug can be placed under the tongue and until it dissolves. This quickens the reduction of the pain. There are also inject-able drugs like sumatripan. Some would use the nasal applications like butorphanol or lidocaine. These drugs may only be prescribed by doctors. These drugs must not be taken without doctors' advice.

Fourth: Relax and Stay in a Quiet Place. This is one of the best cluster migraine relief. This natural relief can easily get rid of the pain of the cluster headache. Stay in a place that you are comfortable. It must be quiet and cool that it relaxes your brain. Relax and feel the relief. Migraines are indeed painful but cluster headaches are the worst one could bear.

These tips can help you get through the pain of a cluster migraine.