Headaches occur in our heads due to the network of nerve fibers in the tissues, muscles, and blood vessels located in the head, at the base of the skull. They are of different types ie migraines, tension headaches, cluster headaches, analgesic rebound headache and others. They can be primary like migraine because they have no known specific cause while others, are secondary like tension headaches which have secondary causes like allergies, head injury, neck muscle spasms and medication or growths. They are also triggered by taking a lot of caffeine, menstrual periods, changes in weather, bad sleeping habits and even too much excitation.

Headaches like migraines typically affect women more than men especially during the menstrual periods. Migraines are usually one sided, very intenet and throbbing and one may get nausea, vomit, blurred vision, strange tastes or weird sensations before the set in. they are occasional and may occur once or twice a week. Cluster headaches are very rare and occur mostly in men. They come in clusters last weeks or months and may recur again during the same period next season or year. Alarm clock attacks may strike at midnight or same time during the day. They are briefing not more than two hours.

Headaches like analgesic rebounds occurs from abuse of pain killers. Drugs cause rebounds when one takes the last dose of pain reliever making him / her take higher or more of them to tie the strong pain. One can help reduce the pain by, maintaining a regular sleep schedule and getting enough sleep. Avoid taking tobacco, chocolate, cheese, white wine and a lot of alcohol. Reduce stress by planning your work both at home and workplace. Do not overdo painkillers. Do some aerobic exercises to relax and reduce pain. You can apply ice pack on the painful area and if pain persists consult a doctor.